The Atlantis Symbol

The Atlantis symbol is perhaps the world’s oldest “magical” geometric form to have reached our modern age and a very powerful one too. Powerful in what it can achieve as regards protection of a quite specific kind, but it is only effective if the design specifications are carefully observed, otherwise it serves little or no purpose. The rings and belts proposed on this site are well crafted, cut and finished, with great attention paid to the geometry and proportion.

We know nothing about the origins of the symbol, so theories and rumour abound!

However, using radiesthetic procedures, or kinesiological methods if you prefer, it can be established that the combination of the geometric patterns and forms making up the Atlantis symbol possess an immensely strong harmonizing capacity, thanks it would seem to the ‘magnetic’ field of force that is generated. All sorts of claims are of course made as to its abilities, I sincerely don’t know where the truth is to be found, but one thing is certain. I would test with my pendulum whether the claim is just, and to what degree. Having said that, in my work as a radiesthesist and psychopomp, it is incredibly useful – invaluable even – offering the wearer protection from a substantial number of magnetic forces, of both known and unknown influence, especially useful as defence against psychic attack, black magic, harmful intention of both human and mane, providing protection of a psychic and mental nature. It functions on a permanent basis, 24 hours a day, and would seem to have a sphere of influence measuring approximately 2.5 metres all around the body. The symbol generates its own magnetic force field, and boosts the biomagnetic energy of the wearer.

The total pattern produces a field which projects what could be termed a negative magnetic polarity in the axis of the centreline for a distance of 60 cm or so in both directions, very much as a function on the energetic makeup of the immediate environment. The geometric forms used in the makeup of the symbol are of great importance in creating the polarized field, with each individual component playing a role. The proportion of the pattern in relation to the overall field is of the greatest importance, to the extent that if it is not respected, the symbol serves no purpose at all. The central point of the three parallel lines is magnetically neutral with the outside edge of the ring producing a positive magnetic polarity. The groove connecting the two holes on the inside of the ring ensures the complete loop of the magnetic circuit. The ring does not generate vital force but conveys it on the magnetic phase of the field created by the ring, so adding a further dimension that merits exploration.

In the domain of black magic, where hexes or curses are common coinage, this pattern is of great value. I wouldn’t know about the “curse of Tutankhamen” but apparently Howard Carter owned a sandstone ring with the symbol engraved on it. That was the start of my research into the capacities of the ring and it proved to be totally efficient in fending off attacks from what I can only call, for lack of adequate understanding and vocabulary, determined demonic beings. Both on other persons and myself. Spirit-release is one of my main stock in trade and the ring makes life much easier. I would hasten to add that this task is undertaken with the benefit of both the invading spirit(s) and the victim’s interests at heart. The entities are conducted by a specific frequency to the light of Consciousness, from whence they cannot return – unlike the Roman Catholic exorcism rite.

Naturally, all serious study of radiesthesia will involve the work of André de Belizal, Léon Chaumery and P.A.Morel. They experimented with some powerful energies, including a very low frequency, going by the patented name of Negative Green, that de Belizal says took the life of Chaumery by dehydration – one of the effects of this specific energy form as seen with mummification in a pyramid. The great-grandfather of de Belizal’s wife, the Marquis d’Agrain, an Egyptologist on Napoléon’s expedition in Egypt, had “found” a sandstone ring with the Atlantis symbol engraved on it. This ring was permanently in a drawer of de Belizal’s desk during the period of their experimentation in the 1930s and 40s. André de Belizal was spared the dehydration problem that took the life of his colleague.

It is unlikely that this was the same ring as Carter’s, given that de Belizal’s ring had been a family heirloom since the early nineteenth century and was still with the family until the 1960s.

Carter was an active trader in Egyptian artifacts during the time he spent in Egypt, which was before de Belizal was experimenting. The rumour, and it was nothing more than that, of Tutankhamen’s curse which supposedly caused the untimely deaths of members of Carter’s excavation, was created by a clever sensation-hungry jItalian ournalist. The only person who died shortly after the uncovering of the tomb was Lord Carnavon, the expedition’s sponsor. His death was closely related to his presence in Egypt where he had gone on doctor’s advice to stay in a dry climate following a car-racing accident in the UK, when he had seriously damaged his lungs. He died following a blood infection after he had nicked a mosquito bite whilst shaving. Not quite the type of news to reach the headlines!

Even if you do not own an old Egyptian sandstone ring, remember that there are a number of design criteria which must be observed for the ring to have the desired effect. These criteria are carefully respected in the design and production stages of all the supports proposed here, or

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