The art of applying the natural life force of magnetism via the hands is what I call chiromagnetism (an invented word ), as opposed to by means of the other physical sources of magnetic radiation from the human body, i.e. the eyes, feet, top of the head, heart or liver.

Either use a pendulum or, if you feel confident, your intuition to determine which side is positive on yourself and others, and consequently where to position your hands. The rule being not to put positive on positive or negative on negative, unless you want to shock by the repulsion.

Test the photo above to find which hand has which magnetic polarity.

It is very important to consider a number of things when practising chiromagnetism:

  • Where to place the hands
  • Do you place the hands or do you keep them over the body
  • Ask the person first about their problems
  • Thought and intention conduct the charge

Having found which hand has which polarity, consider setting up a magnetic field by placing your other hand on the other side of the patient’s body, so reinforcing the charge. If you are working on someone who is very weak, use your negative-charged hand and slowly build up the load, remembering the constants found in human anatomy. This is where using the back of the hand might be useful, especially if you are working on burns. NEVER APPLY THE POSITIVE CHARGED HAND TO A BURN, it will make it worse.

More anatomy

We spoke of the cosmic and telluric energies elsewhere and there is evidence that they have their entry and exit points in the human body. There is frequent talk of blockages in this day and age when speaking of people’s health. Such phenomena are probably of an energetic nature affecting the nerves and the flow of nervous and meridian energy, or of an emotional nature – hang-ups, repetitive actions and reactions.

Chiromagnetism can work on such cases, it is not limited to the physical. You can work on a situation as easily as a person. It is simply a matter of thinking and working outside of the box, but with the firm INTENTION of achieving what is right. Again, intuition will come to the rescue and guide you. I have a little difficulty with the notions of guides, angels as well as chakras and such like. They only increase the mystery which is not needed – in my opinion. Nowhere in ancient Indian texts is there talk of chakras as we know of them today, they are a later (18th century) Tantric concept, popularized by the Theosophists – renowned for their cult-promoting and obscure beliefs.

The throat is the seat of emotion, so do not be surprised when you place your hands on the neck of an emotionally overwrought person that the waterworks start! You are amongst friends, there is no harm, just let go of the problem – if you can, if not, why not? This is often the time to let the patient talk and let them use you as an ear. Very often, people need a sympathetic ear to hear them out.

You can apply Chiromagnetism to any situation by having a clear idea of the conditions and projecting your intention for the perfect outcome. If it is possible, it will happen, if it does not happen, that is fine too. Such work is especially useful when working on people about to die. Your thought connects to the object of concentration and forms a strong link, just be sure that the link is of a pure nature. Calm, awareness of the all-embracing consciousness-reality and inherent joy are all that is needed.

Modern environmental conditions have changed dramatically in the last few years, and probably we have less resistance to incoming cosmic energy. This has an impact on the human’s biomagnetic potential, so to avoid rapid depletion, slow recovery, fatigue and even, sickness, one must take the necessary precautions if you want to practice this form of energy work. Many people, especially those practising Reiki are taught and proclaim that the mere fact of doing Reiki is enough to renew and revamp.


The spiral must be Nature’s cure-all, if you spiral clockwise with your positive biomagnetic polarity charged hand over a glass of water, you will bump up the energetic value of the water, if you go anti-clockwise, you can decrease the energetic value and even give yourself a stomach ache after drinking it. The first of the Reiki symbols, and the one systematically repeated, is a spiral, Choku-rei. It is used in conjunction with all Reiki symbols.

This tends to indicate, as I understand it, that the secret lies in the intention, the belief, and that is what I stress and demonstrate as an advocate of chiromagnetism, that man’s own “biomagnetism” can be consciously guided to work thanks to Nature’s very own form of motion.

Magnetism is present in everything and it moves in a certain pattern. The spiral or vortex seems to be the natural and most frequent found pattern. That is the key to Reiki’s Choku-rei – a spiral. You can project it with your hand, eyes, imagination – whatever, and invest the thought into the movement.

The effect of a clockwise spiral is not the same as that of an anti-clockwise spiral, it can be used to alter a great many energetic forces. There are few occasions to apply the anti-clockwise spiral, as mentioned, in the case of burns, when the logic would be to remove and extract the cause of pain. The same applies when you want to remove the source of a problem, but best to question first if that is the right course of action.


In emergencies, do whatever is possible, irrespective of the hand and its position, it cannot harm. In normal situations, find a quiet place where you feel comfortable physically and at ease. It is important to find a spot where you can stay for an extended period, away from noise and distraction.

Having decided whether to place your hands on the person or not, the areas where you are going to work – knowing that your action will impact the magnetic flow, determine which hand goes where, form a clear idea in your head what it is that is needed in the way of treatment. Basically, those needs are: calm and peace, awareness and unity (love), harmony and health. Having washed your hands before sitting, rub your hands together to stimulate the biomagnetism and start. It is a form of meditation to work on a person or situation, requiring concentration and focussed projection. Be kind on yourself, it takes time and practice, don’t worry if the results are zero, we are not the judge as to what the outcome should be, be content with your effort.

Use all the means at your disposal – thought, visualization, verbal formulation, mantra, etc. to consolidate and project the intention. The affirmations must be crystal clear. Always to the benefit of those concerned. They say Reiki can do no harm, if you put your mind to something, you can do it, so I am not sure of this statement.

If you want to protect someone, a place, an animal, a situation, a plant; if you want to remove a pest – ants, termites, snakes, the neighbour’s dog, etc.; if you want to make something work properly, the key in the lock, the new job, the final exam, etc.; if you want to make a person’s departure from life smoother….

Either you are with the person or by yourself with the situation in mind. Have the person/situation in question, their name, the objective to be achieved clearly in your head and remain concentrated as long as possible. Often you will know when time is up, but be coherent and precise. If things are not meant to happen, take out an insurance and ask for whatever is best for the person, plant, animal, etc.!

Working in a group is beneficial but decide beforehand who is guiding the thought-projection, who works on the head – so to speak. Work in a sensible manner, attentive to the person’s well-being and comfort. Remove all restrictions, tight clothing, shoes, watches, phones, worries! Lying or sitting, make sure the person is as comfortable as possible. You too must be comfortable because a session can last forty minutes or so and there is no point your being ill-at-ease or the efficiency of your work will be impaired.

It is always a good idea to wash your hands before and after working, it clears the magnetic residue and breaks contact. Be at peace and calm. If you are tired, sick, worried or indisposed, work on yourself, not on others, you only risk making the situation worse.

Reiki is a generic Japanese word describing any form of healing work based on vital or life-force energy. It is not exclusive to the system of natural healing, created in 1922 by Mikao Usui and known as Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Shiki Ryoho. Neither he nor his immediate students left any written instructions as to its theory or practice. It is a known fact that changes have been made to even the most fundamental elements such as hand-positions and even the addition of symbols in the Usui system. We also know that a large amount of claims concerning Reiki have been made in order to enhance the image of the practice and develop its mystique; consequently a certain amount of fabrications have been created and maintained.

As so often happens when humans group together, and despite the relatively short time since the early 1920s, a number of assumptions have formed a paradigm, much aided by the impossibility to deny what did or did not happen, what was or was not said. We now have proponents of Reiki acting as the guardians of the paradigm, of course grooming their successors to continue the “tradition”. Anyone who dares challenge or contradict it, is generally viewed with ridicule or outright contempt.

There is absolutely no basis for some totally unwarranted claims made by Reiki teachers, e.g. the origins in Tibetan Buddhism mysteriously rediscovered; a foundation in and of spiritual wisdom; exclusivity of the healing capacity to Reiki alone, one tradition supposedly being stronger than another; attunement by a “master”; the master-student connection; the elitism of the master; the secrecy and power of the symbols, etc.

Modern environmental conditions have changed so dramatically in the last few years, with widespread electromagnetic and nuclear radiation prevalent in almost all countries of the world, that the earth’s already weakening magnetic field has become even weaker, let alone with the extraction of oil and other minerals, and a probable effect of less resistance to incoming cosmic energy. Inevitably this has an impact on the human’s biomagnetic potential. Ignoring this fact can have unfortunate consequences, such as: rapid depletion, slow recovery, fatigue and even, sickness, so one must take the necessary precautions if you want to practice this form of energy work and avoid exhaustion. Many people, especially those practising Reiki are taught and proclaim that the mere fact of doing Reiki is enough to renew and revamp. That is hyperbole.

In Diane Stein’s Essential Reiki book, you will find the suggested positioning and even the symbols used by initiates to accentuate and amplify the passage of energy. In traditional Reiki courses these positions are quite empiric and based on nothing more than someone’s imagination, individual schools will claim correct and incorrect positions. Why not? According to the Reiki teaching the effect will reach its destination just because you want it to! That may be so, but the intensity of thought and ability to concentrate are not constant from one person to another, so why not apply a little common sense and method?

There are no hard and fast rules, sometimes one can finish being on the giving end of a session and feel revitalised, the contrary is also true, one can feel depleted. People can be black holes too!

There is an aura of mystery surrounding “magnetism” probably because we do not know what it is. The age-old art of laying on of hands was reinvented in the 18th century by Anton Mesmer to become magnetism and then rediscovered once again in 1922 when Mikao Usui, or his followers rather, managed to add even more mystery and made a commercial venture of every human’s birthright. That a person should be rewarded for spending time is normal, but that one should mystify with inconsistent symbols, added at a later date, the transmission of an inherent but unrevealed capacity, often using the wrong techniques, and ask for exorbitant sums of money, insisting on extensive periods of time being necessary before being able to achieve the next degree, is chicanery. It took me eight years of research before reaching such a conclusion as a “Reiki master”. It is to my financial disadvantage but of great relief to my conscience.

In the interest of removing some of these controversies worthy of the kindergarten, let’s do away with the polemic and futile discussion, put an end to these power trips, for they are nothing more than vulgar attempts to gain control over unsuspecting individuals who simply want to practice their birthright.

What I say in no way alters the fact that the use of Universal Energy (reiki being one of its epithets) is immensely beneficial.

It is the accompanying spiritual materialism which I insist on dissociating from.

© Christopher Freeland, 2016