Many people, especially those practicing Reiki, are taught and proclaim that the mere fact of doing Reiki is enough to renew and revamp. This seems to be hyperbole. There are no hard and fast rules; sometimes one can finish a session of laying on of hands, or chiromagnetism as I prefer to call it, feeling revitalized, but the contrary is also true—one can feel depleted. People can be black holes, too.

In passing, the techniques of chiromagnetism are quite simple but require correct application to gain maximum advantage. For example, if you spiral your positive biomagnetic polarity hand clockwise over a glass of water, you will bump up the energetic value of the water; if you spiral counterclockwise, you can decrease the water’s energetic value and even give yourself a stomachache after drinking it. Not many people know such simple facts, let alone teach them, unfortunately. If one were to take a comprehensive overview—inasmuch as that is possible, and only diehard sectarians would refuse such an attitude—the art of chiromagnetism or laying on of hands would be so much more efficient than blind subservience to received New Age teaching, taking what is of practical use in this day and age from all schools, irrespective of doctrine, dogma, or tenacious fantasy.

This all indicates that a substantial part of the secret lies in the thought entertained, the belief, at the moment of acting, and that is what I stress and demonstrate as an advocate of chiromagnetism, in the knowledge that our own “biomagnetism” can be consciously guided to work great benefit with or without attunement, initiation, or expense.

Treat yourself to an intuitive session with a Reiki master and magnetiser of fifty years experience. A very relaxing way of accessing information from the body, generally of an emotional origin, and its subsequent release.

One-hour session 75 USD