What are all these energy devices about?

They are all about the use of form or the path that energy seems to adopt in its movement in our physical world.

The frequencies we are obliged to live in have multiple effects, including some that cause us humans serious problems, such as: electromagnetic radiation, deadened water, devitalised nutrition and substance, let alone the stress and intensity of materialistic competition which we have created for ourselves. What we call life is sapping our biomagnetic capital.

Inspiration, intuition and the logic of a wholistic solution have all played their part in the development of these devices designed to provide relief to some of these issues. At no time are any additives, minerals, rare earths, crystals or other elements used.

Are there any dangers for children or the unsuspecting?

None to my knowledge. Of course, there are the hypothetical ifs, the worst of which could be – What if I drink water with a pH of 13 after my jug has been on the Alkalizer for 4 days?

It doesn’t taste too good but I didn’t fall off my perch or even suffer any discomfort. Man has never managed to reproduce in a laboratory what happens in the human stomach, which seems to be a law unto itself.

The difference with these forms is that they function at an energetic level, not on a physical, material one. As always, some say drink alkaline water, others say don’t drink alkaline water. I say drink energized water, you can even do it yourself by simply spiralling your hand over the glass projecting strength and benefit! If in doubt, check with your pendulum if it is good or not.


What tests have you run?

Extensive testing on pH has been done and continues in order to find the ideal shape of water container.
No SAR testing has been conducted on the FDV for the simple reason that such testing begs the question. I don’t want to test a phone or a dummy head and torso, I want to test the human. In SAR compliance tests, the phone is placed in various commonly used positions, e.g. next to the dummy’s head and body, and a robotic probe takes a series of measurements of the electric field at specific pinpoint locations in a very precise, grid-like pattern ON THE DUMMY’S HEAD – THERE IS NO TESTING OF THE HUMAN ATTACHED TO THE PHONE.
Blood analysis on people who wearing the FDV and/or the FDV cartouche for a period of six months has shown that there is increased magnetic repulsion of red blood cells so ensuring better circulation perhaps due to increased negative ion content in the red blood cells. The following kinesiological tests have been run on individuals with and without the FDV and all proved that the FDV provides 95% protection, at least, to the body: muscle testing using the outstretched arm, toe-touching test, O-ring test, sway test and the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP) method – reaction on specific acupressure points in reference to various parts of the body, cortex, thalamus, etc.

Does the FDV work on other devices?

Yes, the FDV can protect a human from the energy emanating from a whole range of devices: baby monitors, computer terminals, cordless telephones, microwave ovens, televisions, video equipment, wifi routers and all sorts of other external environments where the energy levels are not conducive to human well-being.

How long do these devices last?

This is the advantage par excellence of form above other alternatives, and the principal intention of my research. Form allows movement and probably precludes saturation. Under the current physical conditions of the universe, these forms will last indefinitely. Unlike crystals, rare earths or metals which require clearing and recharging, form is free of such constraints. Obviously if cosmic conditions change, harmonics that depend on form and length will also probably be altered and cell-phone technologies will probably not function, perhaps the human will not function either! Until that time, everything is looking good!

Are cell phones dangerous?

They never received authorisation to be released on the public market so there is a good chance that the technologies involved are harmful to man, animal and the environment but it is VERY big business and even if the World Health Organisation says they are potentially dangerous, no one is listening.

Why are your rates so reasonable, in relation to what is accomplished?

Because you do all the work!

What can be expected from a Personal Assessment session?

There is no fixed programme but generally we work through a questionnaire, with a pendulum determining the answers, the questions often arise spontaneously because most of the time you know where the source of the problem(s) lie but need some nudging to deal with them. There are no questions that cannot be asked of the all-conscious, for that is where one goes to ask, it is more a matter of whether you are ready for the answers and so able to find your solution.

Do you work into the future?

Not sure where that is! The idea is to work at general well-being and that apparently includes the future. The fine line is between general benefit and egoistic gain, somewhat of a dilemma in the shade of the mobile goal-posts of desire and resistance.

How does the FDV work?

Assuming that the human body is a complex network of energy fields, electric, magnetic, electromagnetic and others not as well known or documented, the theory is that the FDV enhances the movement of energy in and around the body, thanks to the use of its geometric spiral form. It would be hard, if not impossible, to demonstrate the impact of the action of an individual force on a specific component of the human body. The frequencies coming from commonplace electronic devices most probably combine to form a miasma of energy. Trying to define the specific effects and causes on one’s way through such a maze strikes me as being unreasonable. However, we do know from observing Nature that shape, form and length affect how this all works and fits together, sometimes even from a scientific viewpoint. The FDV works on the principles of effective form.

What types of issues and conditions do you deal with?

The beauty of the pendulum is that you can find answers on every sphere, even if there is nothing that I can do, maybe someone else can! It is rare to find a dead-end, if so one keeps on nagging at it, perhaps a week later an opening is possible. The art is in the questioning and a wide open mindset. Convinced in the belief that there is only metabolic imbalance, it is a matter of finding the origin of the energetic upset.

Does the FDV affect how a phone works?

No, the FDV will have no effect on phone reception or transmission.

What is the FDV and what is it made of?

The FDV uses a specific form drawn in a double vortex pattern, centripetal and centrifugal. The matrix creates a field that modifies the effect of EMR on the user over an all-round radius of ± 250 cm. The symbol on either side operates as a projector and is taken from the back of an Easter Island moai.

How does this little gadget neutralize radiation from a phone?

Wrong question. Only our incomplete understanding or total misunderstanding of things scientific allows us to believe that something can be neutralized, blocked or absorbed. The FDV works on the human, not the phone or the device to which it is attached.