1. What is Radiesthesia?

A lot of ink has flowed on that subject, but there is regrettably no coherent consensus, let alone a satisfactory answer. The reason for adding my grain of salt here is because I recently found Wikipedia listed me among the authors for “Further reading”, so I have the dubious honour of being recognized as a contributor towards this “pseudoscientific or occult phenomenon” as they claim it to be.

From the very outset I challenge the definition of a great many of the proponents of Radiesthesia, as indeed that of the free encyclopaedia.

Radiesthesia has:

– Everything to do with knowledge, but nothing to do with empirical science or scientism.

– Everything to do with perception, but nothing to do with the paltry five Aristotelian senses.

– Everything to do with life, but nothing whatsoever to do with its atomic or molecular differentiation.

– Everything to do with spirit, for that is the constant we are dealing with – in all places, at all times.

There is nothing magical about this, unless you believe that the world itself is magic, in which case I agree totally.

In the Jesuit tradition a question is often answered by another question, a gentle manner of encouraging investigation. Rather than relying on what others say or have said, rather than basing one’s beliefs on theories that come and go in fashionable cycles, rather than trusting the ‘big boys’ soliciting large sums for small returns, one could well ask oneself the question: “What is the glue of life?” For there surely lies a, if not the, key to what is going on.

If one feels or is able to consider the idea that life is a vibrant, spiritual whole, there is a strong chance that you can reason that the ‘glue’ is common to one and all, and that is what we are dealing with in Radiesthesia – the connection and communication of the spirit component.

2. How does Radiesthesia work?

On the basis of a whole, totally interconnected existence. When one “knows” that is what we live in, rather than some subject-object based paradigm, then it is natural to such a context. Of the various and surprising methods for finding out if something is good or bad for you, if it is true or false, such as the bi-digital O-ring test (BDORT), the friction test (with thumb and forefinger nail), the sway test, the toe-touching test, the arm test, kinesiological muscle testing, and the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program—all of which are perfectly valid—the pendulum won the day for me, because it can be used by one person alone, it allows the practical use of charts, and has the advantage of being discrete and practical.

The secret of dowsing lies, it seems, in the thought and its expression. This thought, if to be developed, is expressed as a carefully formulated question, uniquely with “yes” or “no” as the potential answer. If the thought (or question) is carefully formulated and addressed to the all-conscious (not the subconscious or unconscious mind, those are rather derogatory terms), and calmly allowed the time to circulate in the space where thoughts reside, the reaction to the question—yes, it’s good for you, or no, it’s bad for you—impacts the nerves and causes muscular movement, hence the answer.

3. The Scope of Radiesthesia

Probably limitless, the important thing to remember is whether you can handle the answer, emotionally that can be overwhelming. The possible applications of this activity are extensive, from simple Q & AQ and A including searches for water or minerals, geological incidences (e.g., underground water and geological fault lines), lost persons or objects, authors of anonymous letters, criminals, and mines and buried ordinance. Solving scientific problems; directing the exteriorization of thought; determining the mental influence of one individual on another; interrogating the past; instigating ideas in others; discovering what others think; transmitting basic telepathic messages; discovering ailments in humansPersonal Consulting Session (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual), animals (emotional, physical or mental), and plants (emotional, physical); and in-depth characterCharacter Analysis reading are all possible.

4. What is the right service for me?

It depends so much on what you are experiencing. Is it geopathic stressGeopathic Stress (GS)that is complicating your life? Is it because you are in a relationship with a narcissistColours? Do you have a hanger-onPossession/? Is there an organic/metabolic concernAnalysis? Are you looking for a regular checkup of yourself and environment Monitoring?

5. Is there a colloidal suitable for me?

The range of benefits to be gained from colloidal homeopathics is extensive, and their efficiency can be appreciated from the fact that they have been around since ancient Egyptian times. Probably the best way to find out which one is best for you and yours would be to have a Q&A sessionQ and A.