Frequencies can be considered from a variety of angles, as we know from the numerous names given to this persistent phenomenon – eloptics, vibrations, rays, waves, harmonics, radiation and so on. They will of course always contain surprises for us, and what else could we expect from the stuff of life.

To every age its protagonists and theories; there can be no doubt, however, that the application of frequencies, whether it be via the simple exposure to a geometric form, or a sophisticated electronic device, produces results. We shall never know if those results are a consequence of the application or due to some other factor, so it might be wiser to defer to the source of that ‘energy’, a Superior Intelligence if you will, which incidentally seems to make sure that bananas grow on banana trees, and not elsewhere. If we work this simple fact and approach the whole business in a spirit of humility and deference, we might¬† stand a chance of being of use to our fellow beings, for that does seem to be the aim of the exercise, in my case at least.

Using a pendulum to determine what form/device/method if best suited to the individual’s need, the selection is made from geometric patterns of my design, colloidal metals, colours, the Cyclops, essential oils, the Hulda Clark Zapper, Malcom Rae’s radionic devices, the Paper Doctor, tuning forks, the Universal Pendelum of de Belizal and Chaumery, the Spooky2 devices, the Peggotty board, and various pendulums.

Average session 75 USD