Colloidal Copper

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99.9% pure metal, dynamized structured water

It is not possible to reduce the molecular size of copper to nanoparticle, so it is an ionic colloidal but that does not deter from the excellent qualities of copper.

With the electrolysis method used, a pulsed DC voltage is applied between a large area anode and cathode.  Atoms are thus gently drawn off from the anode (positive plate) and are swept into the mass of water before being able to be deposited on the cathode (negative plate).

Copper is an essential micro-nutrient, needed in very small amounts for red blood cell formation, protein metabolism, the production of RNA, enzyme activity, hair and skin colour, and the health of the nerves.

Colloidal Copper is not ionic but consists of  clusters of atoms called nanoparticles and thus does not have the toxicity of ionic copper. It increases iron assimilation so helping the formation of haemoglobin and red-blood cells influencing protein metabolism and general healing.

It has been used to prevent premature ageing and increase energy production; reducing cholesterol;  as a remedy for greying and thinning hair; burns; arthritis; parasites; viral and bacterial infections. It is helpful against multi-cellular parasites such as malaria, fungus, ring-worm, taenia, toxoplasma, chronic bladder infections, where bacteria have formed a multi-cellular biofilm and prevent the immune system gaining the upper hand.

Some symptoms of Copper Deficiency: allergies, anaemia, aneurysm, arthritis, dry brittle hair, oedema, Gulf war syndrome, hair loss/baldness, heart disease, hernias, high blood cholesterol, hypo- and hyper-thyroidism, Kawasaki disease, liver cirrhosis, low white blood cell count, oppressed breathing, osteoporosis, parasites, Parkinson’s disease, reduced glucose tolerance, ruptured disc, skin eruptions or sores, varicose veins, white or grey hair, and wrinkled skin.

Recommended dosage can be calculated in person or remotely, but generally speaking: twice a day (morning and evening), three sprays.

Dosage: Best to hold the water under the tongue for 30 seconds, on an empty stomach; wait 15 minutes before swallowing anything else.

Colloidal copper can safely be taken by drinking, spraying under the tongue or on the hair.

60 ml spray bottle 15 USD

500 ml bottle 35 USD

1000 ml bottle 60 USD


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