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Other-Dimensional-Entities ebook is the book written by Christopher Freeland, based on his experience of many years in spirit release, and research into the sense of life and the nature of spirit. The author’s take on the taboo subject of ‘entities’ calls on ancient Chinese, Vedic and teachings from numerous sources, but the finality is one – relief for the man, woman or animal here in this dimension, and especially release for the being without a voice caught up apparently in the wrong body.

Better perhaps that Richard Grossinger, who kindly wrote a preface to Other-Dimensional-Entities, explains what he has to say:

We who currently dwell in the material world have become addicted to its phenomenology, so we experience it as the supreme and only reality. Understandably in an age of materialism as the world religion, people ascribe all causes and effects to their new God: the Algorithm. They view circumstances as purely circumstantial while discounting entities living in their experience of other dimensions and frequencies. Christopher Freeland in his youth was a British Gurkha officer, then a guide on photographic safaris in Zambia, then a more psychic sort of guide in Asia and Thailand. His career was as a French-to-English translator with a skill set in nuclear-generated electricity and telecoms, but he has a Clark-Kent-like second identity as a dimension-to-dimension translator of more consequential karmic energies and transmissions. Some might call Freeland an “exorcist,” but he does not exorcise—kick out or try to vanquish—lost or unhealthily attached spirits; instead, he is a psychopomp and Paladin who tries to guide them where they need to go next, into their own light, away from the souls they are troubling. His own training in Vedanta makes him less dualistic and more broadly compassionate than a Vatican exorcist concerned mainly with myrmidons of Satan and protecting against invasions of evil. For Freeland, proper communication with entities entails putting them at peace as well as bringing relief to their attachees.

If, as Freeland presumes, sixty percent of all humans are possessed with disembodied entities, this is a critical service for not only individuals’ mental health but for civilization as a whole. Attached spirits, without the natural visas of bodies that allow them to travel here, use oft-harmful expediencies to try to affect changes and fix wrongs from their lifetimes in a material world. The degree of emotional disturbance and sheer vandalism, violence, and idle mischief in the world cries out for people to recognize spirits in distress and help them understand their situation, the transitional nature of all life, and move into their next sphere of identity.

Freeland’s techniques and adventures, as chronicled in this book, give readers a different way of looking at their dilemmas as well as the beginnings of a manual for addressing and dissolving spirit attachment. Freeland has developed “spirit radar” and an ad hoc tool kit from his studies and practices across Eurasia; he shares these generously with his readers. If nothing else is learned from reading Other-Dimensional Entities, one can begin to train a perception that other dimensions comprise a senior realm to which the so-called living are the junior partner. The paradox is that ODE will put you more solidly and poignantly in your own body, attuned to the beauty and exquisite harmonies of this dimension because it frames your existence in a multiverse of life, molting entities, and their agencies and volitions rather than in a dead, nihilistic accident of molecules, fire, and dust. In taking Freeland’s tour through the spirit stratosphere and ionosphere, you will appreciate the sound of rain and the scent of a hyacinth: the wonder of life in our “densosphere.”

There are some particularly exquisite teachings in this book as well as an introduction to the magic of radiesthesia. With the confidence and wisdom of a master, Freeland spells out the nature of passage between this world and the next bardo realm, offers thanatological landmarks and advice, which is especially crucial for those convinced of the singular reality of the material world. People in passage need to know how to connect one form of consciousness to another, to go toward their own essential being, and to accept the ways of navigation and well-intentioned hellos—extended ghost hands and calls—of benign and helpful beings. Other-Dimensional Entities is, in effect, a mini-Vedantic Book of the Dead, a mind yoga taught by a yogi.

Another topic that Freeland aces is the distinction between Hinduism and Buddhism. In a time of popularized Buddhism, many people do not realize that, in Buddha’s legacy, there is no surviving individual soul; there are no forms of Buddhist practice that lead to becoming a transdimensional entity. Everything has impermanent, conditioned existence and dissipates into its essential nullity on death. It cannot reincarnate or find a bridge to another entity. There is no equivalent to the Hindu Atman or soul-spirit. Freeland, as an ordained Vedantic swami, understands consciousness as present in all states and as multiple forms and potentialities simultaneously. His work with other-dimensional entities is an extension of his Vedantic view of nature.

One of the more sustaining features of this book is the author’s profound conviction that universal materiality is a delusion. This conviction is so lived, earned, and dead-reckoned that he transfers it to the reader like a psychosomatic medicine or Buddhist terma (hidden treasure). He says, “My total conviction is that if we do not relate to what we truly are, we will spend our lives in delusion. That is no idle opinion or judgement, merely a quiet, unshaken confidence that I, as a human entity, am a spark of this Superior Intelligence, therefore no different from it intrinsically. Our egoity and belief that we are physical entities lead us away from that absolute truth.”

That is the real basis of his valuable syllabus, not ghost-busting, not even metempsychosis, not demonology or voodoo, but a recognition of the big picture, a universe of illumination, spirit, mystery, and hope.

Richard Grossinger, author of Bottoming Out the Universe: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing and Dreamtimes and Thoughtforms: Cosmogenesis from the Big Bang to Octopus and Crow Intelligence to UFOs.

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