Embracing the Sublime

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The autobiography of an original and unorthodox individual as he wanders through an exciting early life before settling into an even more eclectic existence working actively in/around the “spirit” world.

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Embracing the Sublime is an autobiography recounting the unusual adventures of a man who breaks away from the British establishment on an initially undefined quest for a sense to life. On leaving the Gurkhas he travels overland through Africa by VW Beetle. Employed as a guide on photographic safaris in the Luangwa, Zambia, he meets his preceptor and becomes an orthodox Hindu monk, studying Sanskrit, Vedanta and Ayurveda. Intense years of meditation, itinerant at times, at others living the ashram life, he finally drops out and heads to Goa. The pendulum swings some more before he is in California training Arab horses. To and fro between Europe and the US – Sothebys, limo driver in Beverly Hills, modelling in Brussels and Paris, before settling in Paris where he becomes a technical translator, working for major nuclear and telecom companies and the Eiffel Tower. The gradual move towards a simpler life in the country, and the ways of Nature take him to the Touraine region in France and thence to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he becomes intensely involved in geomancy and alternative medicine. Magic to some, life in its complexity to others, the author applies his life to simplifying the mystery humanity has made of our perfect form of existence.

ISBN: 978-1-787233-96-6. 325 pages, self-published.

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