FDV T-shirt

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FDV T-shirt in a range of colours. Ideally worn by day and at night. In Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL, XXXL sizes, remember to specify size when you order.

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Using the same geometric principles as the other FDV products – centripetal and centrifugal spirals – one on either side, the FDV T-shirt reduces the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human immune system by interfacing the fast-moving electromagnetic frequencies with your metabolism.

Red-cell blood tests (Rouleau and erythrocyte) show that using the FDV (Freeland Double Vortex) geometric pattern keeps the red-blood cells separate, enhancing the body’s biomagnetic capacity, resulting in relief from the ‘hot ear’ syndrome, headache and tinnitus.

A unique solution requiring no cleaning or recharging developed after many years research by a translator specialised in the telecoms field.

More info can be found here, https://radiesthesia.online/index.php/freeland-double-vortex-fdv/

Please specify the size of the FDV T-shirt when you order it, as well as your preferred colour which may or may not be in stock.


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