Other-Dimensional Entities is a practical approach to the eternal problem of unwanted entity presence, whether of the harmless kind or the full-blown demonic sort sent by a black magician with the aim to destroy. The fruit of an intense lifelong study of numerous traditions, ancient and modern, and his personal experience in diverse cultures around the world. This book makes two unique offerings in the domain of “exorcism”; firstly, how to recognize the presence of an entity, even when deception is employed, in an individual or location; and, a surefire method of release to a safe haven from which the ODE, of its own volition, cannot return to our material dimension. The author’s primary concern is for the disembodied entity, only able to communicate in their idiosyncratic manner, caught up in their frustration and distress. Basing his simple frequential method on a lifelong study of Hindu and Chinese practices and knowledge, he shares his experiences in a way that others can learn and apply. The book might be considered a thanatological guideline, with a wholistic angle on death, allowing for a serene, practical approach which can only serve to help the living deal with the relatively taboo subject, whilst offering a structured method to those brave enough to take part in the huge task of providing relief for those voiceless multitudes, so sorely in need. A lively account of experiences from around the world, dosed to avoid sensationalism yet provide some background inspired from the personal conviction that life is an interconnected affair of Consciousness. Preface written by Richard Grossinger, author of Bottoming Out the Universe: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing and Dreamtimes and Thoughtforms: Cosmogenesis from the Big Bang to Octopus and Crow Intelligence to UFOs. 

Price: € 27