My Credo, my standard of values, what I believe.

An expression of what I understand to be the foundation of life, especially with regard to the practice of radiesthesia. When living as a dashnami monk as a youth, I understood that the very basis of the way of life I was trying – and still do try – to live, depends on a value system. That filtering system determines so much in life, not just the philosophy, but the standards by which one conducts one’s everyday dealings, as well as one’s outlook. Therefore, one’s behaviour is formed by this filter of perception and experience.

I believe in the unicity of everything that exists and does not exist. An all-embracing entity that is beyond empirical perception, yet serves as the basis for all physical manifestation. A spiritual totality, a being operating on the Upanisadic principle of Existence-Consciousness-Satisfaction.

This entity is immanent, all-pervasive, intelligent and in constant communication. It is our sole choice (as in free will), as humans, to tune in. Any disconnect with this capacity results in disharmony: of the body, of the emotions, of the mental and psychological function. Recognition of this entity eliminates all notions of life and death, time and space. A potentially uncomfortable space for the person who opts solely for the material existence based on the lopsided belief in the single reality of the waking state. By embracing that entity – your very Self – one achieves a gradual realization that differentiation is an impossibility, and the joy such a conviction brings.

No need for transformation, transcendence, mortification, denial, nor negation. However, a serious and lifelong effort of methodical witnessing of one’s mental antics, backed by a logical structuring supported by pertinent literature and good company are welcome.

On such a backdrop of unicity, there is no place for good nor evil. Activity being the essential characteristic of life, with its corollary, movement, of a cosmic or telluric origin, we are subject it seems of forces quite beyond our comprehension, but oh so real.

My practice with a pendulum and my infant steps in astrology, indicate that a human is able to access information as regards these forces. Like a humble Sufi, my heart has wings, and knows no bounds.

May it so please the Supreme Intelligence to grant me lucid access to the truth.


A no-nonsense, wholistic approach, with the benefit of all concerned in mind, to achieve a more singular “energy” in your life, closer to the real purpose of your existence because in harmony with your current state (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Calling on a range of experiences specifically four years as an orthodox Hindu monk and long practice of ancient medical traditions combined with a unique method of applying radiesthesia, welcome relief to ills of a possession/obsession nature is readily available.


RADIATION remedies

The Freeland Double Vortex (FDV) uses Nature’s iconic geometric spiral form to modify the way electromagnetic radiation impacts the human metabolism. Other forms and patterns are explored and developed to move away from the pain and discomfort caused by the unspoken effects of modern technology including Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator to resolve nuclear irradiation, morgellons and other hard-to-cure conditions..


A three-minute solution to move out of the fight-or-flight nervous mode into the energy-restoring parasympathetic. How to transform stress, muscular tension and negative emotions by consciously applying physical relaxation. Real relaxation to achieve total efficiency.


nature's way - radiesthesia

An original take on what the ancients knew and practised which, over time, we have neglected, deliberately concealed or forgotten. Using observation, experimentation and research confirmed by radiesthesia into the ways of energy, the essential communication between the head and the heart is established so allowing access to harmony. NATURE RULES!



An assessment of your current physical, mental, emotional and integrated states can be made on request to the extent you wish, either remotely or in person. Made-to-measure courses in Radiesthesia (dowsing) and its diverse applications are also available.


Chris is nothing short of a highly gifted and VERY powerful healer.
Peter K, California

Peter K.


Since I spend a lot of time on my cellphone and always was strongly aware of the negative effects of electro-radiation, I always have used phone shields. The FDV is by far the best ! No more hot ears, no more headaches – an excellent choice! 

Nikki P.


Christopher is a powerful and visionary gifted man; I owe my life to this great man.

Dr J.A.H.S


NETER ENERGIES - life in harmony

Nature is whole allowing for no separation. The natural principles which, although invisible, govern one and all. They allow us to experience life in harmony if we manage to live by their dictates thanks to our ability of observation and discrimination.

VITAL ENERGY - human life force

We all share a Vital Force which possesses certain natural characteristics, properties if you like, that make up life. We tend to ignore them as they cannot be quantified or even be seen. This is a hard look at a few of these – consciousness, energy, existence and thought, to mention a few…

STRESS RELIEF - stress reduction

Stress is the malaise of modern times which can only increase as we mess with the frequencies in the once carefully balanced environment. But there are solutions.