About me

Dr. Christopher Freeland

Has spent 60+ years observing Nature and this website is about some of the evidence found, providing some background to the practical solutions he has developed for the stresses encountered in modern life.

Former technical translator with special (but very alternative) interest in the nuclear, telecoms and medical fields; author of several books, compiler of several dictionaries; radiesthesist and life-long student of the occult (the invisible stuff because that is where truth is to be found).

My work is all about harmony. If, as seems to be the case, life energy is an extension of Consciousness, there is every reason to believe that the feeling most of us have of unity or love is due to our being a part of the totality, quite inseparable from it. That discovery can only be made and lived individually. It took me a lot of searching, contemplation and a few hard knocks. It was worth every instant to discover what wise people have been telling us since time immemorial. Now, that understanding has to be nurtured and attended to, like a garden that you want to nourish with wholesome and healthy sustenance. Such care needs to be applied on all the planes we are fortunate enough to experience and this site is about that unique adventure.