This involves a simple process of questioning with a pendulum. The complexity of the subject matter – you – is infinite, so an initial analysis covers a lot of ground: the multiple physiological and psychological aspects, including the mental, nervous and emotional states, to determine factors that might lie at the origin of your current issues.

Before our meeting – whether face-to-face or remotely – please send me either: your name and date of birth (time too if you have it),

or a photo,

or a lock of hair (yours).

Thanks to a wholistic method one can generally find the solution(s) to resolve numerous problems by means of a very broad spectrum of remedies that I use – Amazon remedies, Ayurvedic, Bach remedies, bio-circuits, colloidal metals, cystals, essential oils, frequencies, homeopathic, laying-on-of-hands, magnets, moxibustion, orgone accumulator, radionics, Schussler salts, TCM, and so on.

An original, non-invasive way of finding the right solution to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I will provide a written report of the findings and recommendations.

150 USD contribution