Christopher Freeland

On the backdrop of four years as a dashnami sannyasin in the orthodox Hindu tradition of Shankaracharya’s non-dualistic Vedanta when in his early twenties, Christopher’s journey has seen an eclectic array of passions, professions, studies and research in a number of cultures and in various countries on most continents. Calling on his training and education in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), magnetism and Reiki (3rd degree), Bioenergetics, radiesthesia and radionics, his focus today is on the most practical manner to apply a wholistic approach to wellbeing and harmony using his skill as a radiesthesist to connect with the essence of being. 

Compiler of three dictionaries (Sanskrit-English philosophical terminology, French-English, English-French Stock Market terms and French-English nuclear operations dictionary) and author of eight books, available here on the Products page.