Made-to-measure courses or retreats for individuals or small groups in the following topics (click on the subject to read more):

The location for all courses will be communicated in due time.

The duration depends entirely on individual requirements, ranging from one hour sessions to one week with a combination of topics possible.

Courses can be held in English or French.


These courses are aimed at sharing some ideas and methods which have proved their worth over the last few years and throughout the world. Some of the subject matter is recent, some probably dates from the time man first appeared on earth, but all is based on common sense and intuition.

The common core which runs like a thread through all these courses is an understanding of interconnectedness, for if we fail to correlate and maintain this foundation, there is a danger of separation and differentiation which generally leads to problems.

The reasoning

We spend much time and perhaps resources nurturing and maintaining the physical body in order to ensure health, but do we ever consider our other faculties? The emotional, psychological aspects. These faculties require even greater attention than the physical for the simple reason they are neglected, we are not taught such subjects at school or university, and perhaps we do not fully appreciate how to address them.

There is a good chance that these faculties would work that much more efficiently if we cared for them adequately, especially when we are aware that it guarantees our well-being.

How often do we learn to our cost that neglecting a gut-feeling can cause stress? Yet, we would never consider abandoning our intellectual reasoning capacity on a whim. The tendency, however, is for the head to rule the heart, because that is the way we are taught in the modern western tradition. We subscribe to that viewpoint because very often we are not aware of there being any other alternative.

These courses are alternatives to the orthodox paradigm, whether societal, academic or scientific. There is, however, a constant here and that is the ability to consider all viewpoints, even the ones that go against our beliefs. The easiest way to develop the creativity required to form this ability is by recognizing that we do not know everything, and perhaps we even know very little.

The final aim being to use all of the means at our disposal, neglecting none. That could only reinforce an awareness of the complete inter-relatedness of all that exists. For intuition is tuned to what I call the all-conscious, it is the human component of the all-conscious and the intellect analyses what is presented to its narrow scope. A perfect team if employed as a coherent combination.