Dowsing is an easy “barefoot” way to determine if something (food, drink, person, object, situation) is beneficial or not – for you or others.

There is very little that cannot be determined using a pendulum, though becoming confident in its use and understanding the practice require some work, almost everyone can become proficient in its use.

This is a universe that opens to those who can accept intuition as being a valid reality and then turn it to decisive action.

When you suspect that “things” are not quite right, but you can’t put a finger on it, it is useful to have access to a resource that can steer you in the right direction.

Dowsing, or radiesthesia, can do that, for example:

Determine if something (food, drink, person, object, situation) is beneficial or not – for you or others.

Where is the best place to locate your new home to avoid geopathic stress.

Where to dig a well and find quality water with sufficient flowrate.

What sex is this baby chick.

What sex is this plant – very useful if you are planting date trees because only after 9 years will you discover who is who!

Practice is the key to becoming proficient and confident in dowsing and you will find that the art of questioning is as important as the ability to move into the right state of mind while waiting for the answer to arrive from the all-conscious.

There are a number of “rules” of a practical nature which I have found best to observe to avoid making mistakes – which can still happen.

Physical vitality and moral rectitude are essential, so if you are feeling tired, depressed or upset it is best not to ask anything but the simplest of questions. By simple, I mean “Is it alright for me to eat this yogurt?”

The emotional aspect is extremely pertinent. If you are emotionally involved with someone, you risk finding erroneous answers. Our thought process is clearly clouded by such issues and however hard one tries to step away from them, the turbulence is nigh impossible to clear. Best to avoid working on your spouse, partner, etc.

Another aspect of the emotional component is whether you can handle the answer. For example, if you are very attached to a person and want to spend your life with them, asking if they are the right person for you, is potentially fraught with danger. The same applies when you ask such a question for others. Be sure of the ability to deal with the answer, the responsibility can be great.

Best avoid asking into the future, firstly there is too much that can change between times, secondly it may not be judicious for us to know and even if we are really good at this business, that does not mean we can replace the supreme intelligence, you do so at your risk.

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