We do not know very much about what we cannot see – let alone what we can see! We construe that we exist in an environment of changing energy forms. We do know a little about kinetic energy or force, however concerning vital energy we are basically ignorant, partially because it is invisible but primarily due to the impossibility to differentiate the host of vital functions which operate behind the scenes. From what I can understand it seems that many ancient cultures maintained that vital energy is the basis of everything, hence the system of divinities governing these principles of energy.

Modern science would have us believe that there is no loss or gain in energy. The aim of such a theory appears to be part of a concerted effort to affirm the reality of the material world or its components, as a function of measurement and quantity. Irrespective of the veracity of this claim, there has never been any doubt, in any serious thinking person’s mind, that the material is not real, but no more so than the invisible energies that surround us, such as air, wind, gravity, magnetism, etc. Unfortunately, little effort is made investigating what finally could well amount to two thirds of the events making up what is actually happening in our world.

We blithely ignore the simple truth that our senses are only able to register a limited number of events, the foremost of which is movement. We never perceive the force or desire that set that movement in motion any more than the medium which allows the movement to come into action. Without those two components there would be no movement, yet we are seriously caught up in the business of “living”, or rather doing what we are told or believe living is all about, namely the physical.

What could be more normal in such material circumstances that we are not aware of what is happening around us on other planes?

So strong has human belief become that the material world is the only reality, that we know little, if anything, about the mental and spiritual fields in which we evolve. It is an extraordinary day that one meets a person aware of how to proceed on the fall of the physical body, and what the individual soul needs to do with the residual energy from the physical plane once the next one is reached. Let alone in matters of exorcism, or the evacuation of energetic force.

We are educated to believe, and we know, we are the most important thing in the world. But if and when your physical body drops, what happens to your all-important soul or mind? If the fall of the physical has been abrupt and if the soul refuses to accept the change, it can and might well panic, trying to find another host (physical body). Such an invasion is apparently only feasible if the host is unconscious, i.e. without their instinctive protective awareness to keep the invader out.

Wherever people lose their lives abruptly and other people are to be found unconscious, such as hospitals, battlefields, accident/disaster areas, the conditions are good. It is not the purpose here to relate my findings on the origin of where, when and how such possessions come about, and it is not my business. You will, however, have understood the immense possibilities for “possession” by now, or you stopped reading some time back!

The nature or personality of these disembodied souls remains much the same as in their original body but what happens when two souls co-habit depends entirely on which of the two or more resident souls dominates. The potential scene ranges from quiet co-habitation to schizophrenia, which leaves plenty of room for erratic behaviour between those extremes.

There is also the case of possession as a result of a person cursing another malevolently with the deliberate intention – because it is not only possible but common practice – of causing harm.

Historically and practically this seems to be a matter of control by one individual over a soul-entity who is happy to perform tasks at the beck and call of the former. There is no shortage of people who like to make other people’s lives a misery but to acquire control over such an unhappy entity is beyond the scope of this short explanation and falls more into the domain of black magic. It is fraught with danger and consequences – for all concerned, and I speak from hard-learnt experience. Fortunately, such control is quite rare. The curse and the resulting damage, however, can be fatal, if not recognized as such, especially among people with less resistance, which might involve reasoning capacity, faith, categorical refusal (same thing as faith perhaps) or similar mindsets.

It is important to understand that there are degrees of hurt which can be caused. The spoken word can be very damaging, causing mental and emotional torment. That pain is easily resolved with contemplation and careful thought as to the reasons for the originating thought. Of course, it can not be resolved if you do not do anything to rectify the situation. Speech when combined with thought and intention, on the contrary, are extremely powerful in their effect but can be offset by equivalent intention and that is, in all likelihood, the very basis to all human endeavour.

In the desperation to obtain what is wanted, people often resort to outside help, mediums, healers, shamans, magicians and so on. Generally, the person ordering the deed has absolutely no idea how that third party operates and cares even less so long as the object desired is achieved. That being so, and I make no judgement whatsoever in this respect, it could only be an act of responsible intention to ensure the minimum of damage. Because if there is a law of karma, then that harm will return and bite you, irrespective of the intention. This is especially true in the domain of black magic, which I would define as the use of forces for one’s own benefit to the detriment of others and the environment

Not many people seem to know how to remedy such situations, even if recognised as such and, once more, the danger is great because the entities involved can, like anything else in nature, be fierce and hard – if not impossible – to control. Especially if one is dealing with a magician-controlled entity sent back to the unfortunate victim a second time, the impact is invariably much stronger. That is why removing these beings to the light is vital, for it is only in the light or consciousness that their return is irrevocable. They cannot come back in the same form nor in the same time-frame, and what is more essential, the entities are able to evolve harmoniously.

Malevolent possession can be extremely uncomfortable for the person possessed, pushing them to depression, self-inflicted harm and suicide. One thing is certain, it is very real, it is not fictional, psychological or imaginary for the person living the experience. Of course, every case must be judged on its merits and hopefully, the necessary measures can be taken.

As is often the case, the attitude of most religions depends very much on whom one approaches in the hierarchy and whether they are “qualified” to deal with problems of this nature. For some Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus I know, these are serious matters and require careful attention, most Christians take a rather limited view of possession and will do nothing to alleviate the situation unless convinced they are dealing with the devil. For those living with a possessed individual, life can be equally difficult.

Who or what is the cause of the suffering, matters little to my understanding, I am not working on the curser or the magician but the cursed. Is it possible to do something? The first question to ask is if the invading entity is happy to move on. Not to a place where they are in limbo, so to speak, but where they can evolve. Namely the soul world. Surprisingly, but logically enough when you think about it, most if not all, are content to have the opportunity to evolve and readily accept to move on. That is where I believe I can help and release the invading soul(s), having them move to a domain of light and hopefully return the possessed individual to their former self.

Release can also be ensured for what we know, amongst other names, as earth-bound souls, manes, poltergeists who hang out in places where they are not always welcome.

If the invading entity is randomly removed, without being made aware of a possible access to the light or consciousness, there is a strong chance that the entity will either return to the host or spend a miserable existence, which to my mind needs to be avoided.

The conclusion of this is that protection is needed. According to my understanding of biomagnetism this can be achieved by strengthening the magnetic field of the individual. That may take the form of awareness and coherent thought against renewed invasion or it may assume a more powerful energetic form, an excellent solution being the Atlantis symbol in all its forms, so long as it is adequately designed.

Exorcism is not necessarily the end of the story, please remember awareness and protection are not to be ignored.

© Christopher Freeland, 2016