The FDV (Freeland Double Vortex) is a unique method affecting what appears to be an exchange of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the metabolism of mammals. We are all, hopefully, aware of the potential dangers of electromagnetic radiation coming from our “essential” modern devices. Whether we want to pay attention or not, those frequencies are there, 24h/7 and we are not remotely aware of what they are doing to us, Nature or the environment.

After twelve years of research, in my capacity as a French to English technical translator in the telecoms domain, radiesthesist and observer of Nature, during which time I experimented with crystals, minerals, metals to reach the sad conclusion that all three categories of substance saturate at some stage (an average of 6 months) as a result of the endless bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies. By saturation I mean that the capacity of the device in question is no longer able to perform its original function due to the overwhelming force and density of the ambient electromagnetic radiation which modifies the molecular structure of the original material. So much concerned by the unscrupulous operators of this technology which started in the late 1930s with the development of radar, it became rapidly apparent that we have to find our own solutions if we wish to avoid the inevitable damage caused by these legally dubious devices on which we have become so dependent.

The result is the FDV (Freeland Double Vortex). Rather than using physical materials, the FDV uses geometric form. To offset the impact of these unnatural waves on the human metabolism (you cannot neutralize anything, except in Star Wars), the specially designed spiral ‘modifies’ the fast-moving straight-line effect of the pulsed wave from the all-present phone grid.

When using the FDV, tests on red blood cells (Rouleau and erythrocyte) show the cells maintain their integrity by staying apart, indicating a powerful effect on the biomagnetic field of the body. Obviously, the immediate result is the end to hot ear and headache and brain fog when using the phone.

Very simple to use, just keep the FDV on your person, the Cartouche around your neck, the paper FDV in your wallet, in the phone case or using the piece of sticky paper in the packet, attach it to the phone or the case, the FDV T-shirt on your body, and the latest avatar, the pet-tag, around the neck of your animals. Effective radius of 200-150 cm around the body. Works equally well on 4G and 5G, although the effective radius is reduced in the latter.