GS Detection

GS Detection is essential to the well-being of humans, animals and plants. As you will read in the article on Geopathic Stress, it is a very common and potentially very dangerous issue, and if you do not take remedial action to offset it, it is an open invitation to mischief. As a therapist, the first thing to do when encountering someone troubled by poor quality sleep, a slow-selling house, or aggression from their own animals for example, is to check their Triple Warmer number 2 point on the hand, it will instantly indicate if the person is living over GS. I would then ask them for their address, look it up on Google Earth and dowse to find out what the problem is. If they wish to remedy the situation, there are two options, both of which use a medieval architectural principle, which has demonstrated its worth for over 800 hundred years. Either they cut the wood themselves – for it involves using 8 wooden rods to be installed in the home/barn/premises – as per the precise measurements I provide, for a cost of 50 USD. Or, for 150 USD, I cut the wood to the specific dimensions and send the rods by post. The postal services of some countries do not allow the transport of wood, so please check first.

I will provide instructions how to install the rods.