GS Remedy

The GS remedy that I use for geopathic stress (GS) is unique – to my knowledge – in this day and age. Eight wooden rods, or whatever material you have available, cut to very precise lengths. These lengths are in fact two, and it was only after studying and researching Chartres cathedral for several years that the secret was revealed. In plain sight for all to see, the secret to environmental harmony was deployed in the middle ages throughout Europe, and in the middle east, north Africa and south America for thousand of years before that. It was probably the Knights Templar who brought this knowledge back from the Temple of Solomon – perhaps the order was even created just to bring back such knowledge – another story! Nevertheless, they used this architectural technique of two specific lengths when building the cathedrals between 1180 or so and 1309, when they were destroyed as an active, coherent order. This principle was discontinued after their disappearance, the free masons did not have access to, or did not apply this principle in their work, as one can see in Roslyn Chapel just outside Edinburgh.

There are quite a number of methods of dealing with the various forms of telluric force that cause harm on the earth’s surface, but this GS Remedy is the most all-embracing method, offsetting the harmful effects of water, geological fault, underground caverns and poor energetic environments favoured by spirit entities all in one go.

I need the address of your home, property, land to calculate the two lengths. If you are happy to install the rods – I will provide instructions as to how this is done – I would ask for 150 USD and then send you the 8 rods by post. Some countries do not like wood circulating, so we will find a solution.