Health is our birthright but like any right it must be nourished, protected
and sometimes helped

Nature seems to operate in discrete mutual support of all earth’s inmates, thanks to a balance of frequency which enables us to live. Science is man-made and man, in the last century or so, has applied it to a ruthless exploitation of Nature. This is a simple observation, with no judgement although a certain foreboding of doom is present, because this factor of mutual support, the reality of active interconnection and communication, is utterly neglected. Perhaps this is cause for a repeat performance of past cataclysms and maybe that is all good. But dying by our own hand is not on my agenda, perhaps not on yours either? From a purely personal level, we can assume a certain control of our lives, which would involve a broadmindedness and healthy skepticism which many have given up on due to the overload of information in this day and age. It is remarkably easy but requires your active participation. It can be resumed in a single phrase – Only believe and act on what you are told when you know it is the truth. The truth for all practical purposes means what is good for you now and the only way to discover that is by asking. That is what this is all about. If you can accept, or at least, entertain such a possibility, then a way opens for you to assume responsibility for your own and loved ones’ fate, using a combination of your capacity for logical reasoning and your intuition.

Personal Consulting

If you would like a remote Q&A session, for yourself or someone else, enabling:

  • An assessment of your current physical, mental and emotional state;
  • Bio-magnetic and bioelectric charge – key energetic indicators;

plus finding the following:

  • Are you subject to Geopathic Stress (GS) in your place of sleep or work?
  • Are you subject to negative energy? Its nature?
  • Any allergies, obsessions, compulsive behaviour, etc.?
  • Life issues, PTSD, burnout, addiction, etc.
  • Intestinal parasites, blood pH, climatic influences, infections….
  • Your specific questions (limited to three in this offer).

Personal consult

To do this, I need either a photo (no matter if it is an old one) of the person in question, and/or their full name, date of birth and place of residence. Please fill in the form provided with your payment of 27 USD (Special site launch offer, the regular price is 45 USD) and I will provide you with a report within five working days.

Property Consulting

Sleeping poorly? Phone tower on the roof of the building? Termites, sickly plants? Ghosts or poltergeists? These often have something in common, the quality of energy coming from the earth combined with local influences. The ancients, including this one, know all about these things! Using the principles of proportion as a function of geographic location and environmental factors, it is possible to restore a natural resonance and introduce a calm ambiance. These same criteria applied by man from the earliest times but long neglected can be easily adopted in a modern home with no architectural change and minimum intrusion thanks to specific means. It is possible to assess your space remotely, detect any troublesome energy and effect the necessary changes.

Property Consult

Your exact address or photo of a room in your home could be the passport to some harmony in your life. A diagnostic report of the energetic influences surrounding your living space, including: a) telluric influences such as underground water flows, geological faults, energy entry and exit points and so on. b) visible and invisible external influences such as electric and/or mobile phone installations, killing fields, etc. c) influences residual to the property, especially present in times of physical and emotional weakness. Please send me the photo and fill in the form provided with your payment of 30 USD and I will provide you with a report within five working days.

Toff is nothing short of a highly gifted and VERY powerful healer.  His work saved my life.  I was under the influence and possession of a very dark and evil entity.  Had been years.  Several clearings were done under other shamans only to have the entity return and wreak havoc on my way. Was so heavy. I was told by another healer that my levels were equal to a mental hospital in Japan and of the utmost darkness, she was unsuccessful to clear the entity for any duration of time.   It wasn’t until Toff did his work via providing an Atlantian ring for protection, and neutralizing the entity with his pendulum, did the situation finally resolve and total clearance finally transpire.   I can’t thank him enough. I was at the end of my rope.  I would not hesitate to recommend his service and products for anyone in need of protection or dynamic shift.  He is a true wizard and has gifts which truly are ethereal.  The world needs more people like him.

Peter K, California