Horary was once the backbone of the astrologer’s practice, it offers direct insight into issues which are really important in people’s minds. When used effectively, it is one of the most practical techniques providing guidance in times of crisis. The horary astrologer draws up an astrological chart specifically to examine the concern in question, which of course can be of numerous forms: questions about relationships, financial matters, career issues, family and health issues, conflicts and lawsuits, lost objects and missing people, amongst others.

The horary chart is drawn for the moment that the question is clear in the mind of the astrologer, and is then subject to astrological scrutiny. Thanks to the symbolism discovered in the chart, the astrologer strives for a deeper understanding of the matter in question, and often reveals details in answer to the query.

As in every form of divination, whether radiesthesia, horary, I Ching or other, for the results to be relevant and reliable, a sincere approach and deep reflection as to the question is essential.

60 USD for a horary question.