Who says electricity, says magnetism. Even in the human body there seems to be a bipolar arrangement, where certain organs have a specific polarity, so do individual limbs, although contrary to what many people maintain, they can change, but that may be a recent occurrence due to the surge in the last 30-40 years of mobile telephony, wifi devices, extensive use of computers and electronic gear, air travel, the earth’s weakening magnetic field (extraction of oil and minerals), and so forth, likely resulting in the phenomenon of perturbed magnetic patterns nowadays.

Generally, inasmuch as I have never found the contrary, the organ with positive polarity is the heart and that showing a negative polarity is the liver.

Again, generally, right-handed men have a positive charge emanating from the palm of the right hand, such men born prematurely or if they are homosexual may have the inverse polarity.

In case you did not know, women are more complicated, in that right-handed women have a positive charge emanating from the palm of the left hand, such women born prematurely or if they are homosexual may have inverse polarity, and almost invariably at menopause the polarity switches, the right hand becoming positive and the left negative, this might explain the flushes and other phenomena. It is not an instantaneous reversal, but a changing process, hence perhaps the inconvenience and discomfort.

What is said above concerning polarity of the human has not apparently always been so. Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) said that all points on the left side of the body have the opposite polarity to those same points on the right side. He believed that the poles can be changed, communicated, destroyed and intensified.

Baron Karl von Reichenbach (1788-1869) found that the left hand has negative polarity, as does the Od (vital force) in that hand. Hector Durville (1849-1923) maintained that negative polarity is to be found in the left side of the body, both for men and women. L.E.Eeman (1889-1958), found that both men and women had negative polarity on the left side, unless they were left-handed and the polarity was reversed.

So, serious experimenters ranging from the 18th to the 20th century, have different things to say regarding human polarity.

What has changed? Is it the magnetic field of the earth with its subsequent impact on humans or is magnetism an inconstant, and was the same question asked at each experiment? Perhaps it is our understanding, therefore our conclusions. Our way of looking at things which develops and evolves? It is the scientific method which requires evidence which according to recent science – physics – we know to be totally improbable because of the observing human’s fallibility/consciousness/objectivity. All very intriguing!

We shall probably not know the answer and it does not really matter but in my experience it is worthwhile asking what is the individual’s polarity on each occasion. Not only is the magnetic north moving position eastwards faster each year but statements of fifty years ago are no longer valid today. The causes, as always, are beyond our ken.


There is, however, a strong basis for believing that electro-magnetism is at play. L.E.Eeman’s research with copper bio-circuits, led him to say “From the start, I automatically used electrical conductors in my experiments, but it soon appeared that electro-magnetism was not the main agent at work, for results beyond its powers were common.”

There was some most interesting research conducted in France during the 1930s by two ladies, Jacqueline Chantereine and Dr Camille Savoire, where they suggested that the human receives telluric and cosmic energy via the body. Their conclusions led me to experiment along the lines that what we call magnetism – coming from the earth, so perhaps akin to Daoist Yin energy and what we call electricity – coming from the cosmos, again maybe related to Yang energy.

When combining all these fascinating facts with Leon Eeman’s ground-breaking methods for relaxation, some useful insights appear. A good place to start the quest.

Regardless of the magnetic polarity in the hands, just interlace your fingers. The polarities will be joined, negative and positive. Now, your feet. People with right-handed positive polarity, put your left foot over the right ankle. Right over left ankle for left-handed positive polarity. You will find out after five minutes if you made the wrong choice! You will feel enervated, so switch legs.

With hands and feet joined, sitting at your desk, on the bus, lying down, wherever, you have closed the magnetic loop of the body’s field and are recharging it.

Why do that?

The current caused by the blood’s movement through the veins and the nerve energy moving through the channels or meridians result in an electric charge, which can be measured in millivolts. 15 mV and you are at death’s door, and at the opposite end of the diapason, 70 mV – and you cannot get higher – you are fighting fit. Most people come in at 20-45 mV, which needs to be boosted as the circulatory system is probably struggling. The only way to stimulate this electric current, as I understand it, is via the magnetic component, boost the magnetic field and the electric will profit, as will the immune system.

No one, to my knowledge, has ever pointed out in any of the ancient texts that this is just what you are doing when sitting cross-legged in meditation, one hand in the other, but no matter. One often sees old people assuming a position of hand in hand, fingers interlaced and ankles crossed, maybe their bodies react instinctively.


© Christopher Freeland, 2016