What I need to get started:

1/ A photo of you alone no matter how old, or your full name and date of birth.

2/ In order to achieve results, total honesty is required on your part. All correspondence and exchange between us is and will remain strictly confidential.

3/ Please advise if you are working with any other therapist and the nature of their work.

What you can expect from Monitoring:

1/ An assessment of your current status with a focus on:

  1. Your physical being. I will provide a written scorecard for each organ and endocrine gland, from the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – one of the strings to my bow – to determine if there is any weakness or imbalance, where confirmation or early warning might be useful. If necessary/possible a protocol will be provided to restore balance. This will also be the occasion to discover if you are sleeping/working in Geopathic Stress (GS) – the main issue at the root of most health concerns.
  2. The integrated being, again according to TCM, the three Hun and seven Po should all be not only present but in harmony for the mental and spiritual state of a person to be in a relative state of equilibrium. Shock and/or excess are often at the root of problems in this domain so with care and attention a happy result can be achieved in restoring lost harmony.
  3. Emotional condition with an indication of the predominant emotion. This is the moment when one discovers ways to resolve emotional obstacles if caused by external influences and possible means to deal with those of a psychological nature.
  4. Potential possession/obsession, if it is voluntary or involuntary and its resolution if desired.
  5. Vital force and if it can be strengthened or weakened by certain factors, e.g. life-style, weather, diet, development, quantity and quality of water.
  6. Miscellaneous items: allergies, appetites, low energy, medication, mood swings, parasites, sleeping problems, etc.

2/ Psychic protection, or at least early-warning in case of external threats. There are many unscrupulous people around and others simply unaware of the power of their thoughts, so best be conscious of that and take your dispositions by clearing your biomagnetic field of unwanted presences, or allow me to clear you of negative energies and boost your protective field.

3/ A no-nonsense, practical approach to some of the tougher nuts to crack which life has a habit of throwing.

There are three Monitoring formula possible, but suggestions are always welcome:

Service 1 is for those of you who would like a once a month check-up on their state of wellbeing.

Service 2 is a bi-weekly checkup on your health for those who feel they need a more regular supervision of their state of wellbeing, in this case, twice a month.

Service 4 is for those of you who would like a regular check-up on their state of wellbeing, in this case once a week, four times a month.

The cost is 75 USD for 1, 150 for 2 and 300 for 4.