Moxa or moxibustion is the less-invasive form of acupuncture, perhaps not acting in the same manner as the needles, but equally effective. The heat from the dried mugwort which forms the moxibustion cylinder is intense enough to create the necessary stasis, and so bring about a balanced energetic harmony and improved state of health. The ions released from the herb act on the body, stimulating meridians, expelling cold, activating the blood, neutralizing viri, regulating vital energy and blood. The beauty of moxa is that you can perform the work once you have learned the technique, you do not have to rely on the TCM practitioner to do it.

Moxibustion is part and parcel of Traditional Chinese Medicine performed on carefully selected meridian points, generally over a 9-day period.

My basic training in TCM was in France with a retired acupuncturist who was persuaded to come out of retirement to teach a select few students. Followed by years of study and practice, especially of moxa, reinforced by courses in Asian Bio-energetics (a barefoot Vietnamese system created by an allopathic and traditional medical doctor when he was in a re-education camp), and extensive practice in Thailand and Hong Kong.

75 USD per session