I am no political pundit and even less a virologist. That, however, only encourages me to deploy what I believe I do share with many of my contemporaries, a little common sense. Now, in spite of its severe scarcity or deliberate concealment recently, it might be not only useful, but constructive to take a look at what we can do to resolve the pickle we are in.

We are told that there is a life-threatening virus set to get us. For those of you interested in matters of health, especially of a wholistic nature, you know that the human body is predominantly made up of water, about 73% with 98% of the remaining dry weight (27%) consisting of living organisms, or bugs, of one sort or another. There will be no statistics nor clever charts here, it is too easy to influence the reader’s mind, which is not the intention, you have to reach your own conclusions and act in consequence. Of those bugs, classified by those in the know, as bacteria and viri, some are good and some are bad for us, however, having said that, a virus is an excretion of a toxic cell, it is only the cause of trouble when you cannot remove it from YOUR system.

What makes something good or the opposite is NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the bug in question. It is your metabolism, your ability to deal with what affects the complexity of the human body, that determines if it is good or otherwise. In other words, as a function of your state of health, you survive or fail.

This is the foremost point in my proposition. The “how to”-maintain-a-viable-metabolism is quite easy, and hopefully not too late.

There are a number of major factors concerning health in general being deliberately concealed from us – the impact of electromagnetic radiation or frequency is one of those.

Not radiation of a nuclear type, although the ongoing release into the air and the sea of Fukushima is not helping at all, but something else that just about everyone uses – and even pays for!


NO in vivo (on live humans) tests have ever been run to discover what exactly the effects on the human metabolism are of the various technologies we use every day and in most parts of the world. Let that sink in a minute. We do not know what EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) do to humans. Even less, to Nature, although it is thanks to her that it can actually work. The gasses in the atmosphere allow transport of signals through the aether so that we can discover the information so increasingly “essential” to our very existence. This all started in the late 1930s with the development of radar, which uses microwave technology, as do modern telecoms – incidentally the only tech that gains attention because that is what heats up your ear, or brain cell if you’re unlucky.

So, we are not only playing an active part in this whole mess, we are paying potentially to destroy our selves, our children and our environment. Good thinking!

Before going any further, I am not a Luddite, I am not a doom-and-gloom merchant, but it is not rocket-science to understand that frequencies modify things.

Thanks to the frequencies developed over the last four billion years or so, the earth functions and humans are able to survive, so we are told. These recently introduced frequencies modify the environment as so clearly explained by Firstenberg in The Invisible Rainbow..

We have absolutely no idea as to how the radiation does that, nor to what extent. It is the cash that counts, but not for you – cash for the governments that allow the operators to bid for the contracts, cash for the operators and cash for the companies that set up the infrastructure. Yet we have absolutely no clue as to what EMF is doing to Nature and her denizens.

You only have to look at the skies. There are no longer what I knew as a cloud 60 years ago. What are the chemtrails for? Weaponization, defence, telecoms, … Heavy-metal diets anyone?

You only have to look at the earth. Birds and insects disappearing; ivy growing along the ground, no longer up old buildings and dying trees; circadian rhythms and flowering seasons disrupted; water pollution. The list is long and growing.

What, in such circumstances, could be more natural than a modification in the lifestyle of a virus, in the metabolism of a human, in the development of protein in plant and animal, in a change in the capacity of oxygen to ensure the necessary exchange of life-gas?

One can, therefore, understand that what has happened is a totally natural consequence to our, I would say, irresponsible behaviour.

What to do?

Assume responsibility, guided by your common sense and humanity.

Drink a good quality water – Use colloidals and essential oils to offset bacteria and viri – Give Nature a hand and limit use of EMF (phone and internet) – Use Nature’s spiral (as in the FDV), or pollucite – Find a good source of silica (Silicium G5 or horsetail) to remove heavy metals – Keep a piece of copper in your pocket and touch it often, it is antimicrobial – Ask your government for a moratorium on the development of something that is causing harm (5G) until such time that we can decide whether it is legal, beneficial and fair.