Neter Energies – Nature is whole allowing no separation Neter Energies- Nature is whole allowing for no separation is about the earth’s troposphere, our world for most intents and purposes, governed by natural principles which although invisible, if respected allow us to experience life in harmony. Nature is whole and allows no separation, she is very much alive and constantly striving to stay that way. When spirit and matter are balanced the environment will also probably be in harmony, at some stage, this knocks on to us, through the protein in the soil and subsequent food chain, by the quality of the air we breathe, the energetic input from the earth and the skies, whatever the combination of known or unknown factors! This balance is the ward of Nature and our wellbeing depends on that equilibrium. The ancients understood this and in a gesture of gratitude to Ancient Egypt for the wealth of information they left, I make reference to the Neter, which I loosely translate as Principles of Nature. The research and products presented here are my personal commitment to this focus on nature and an attempt to “walk the talk” in living the way of harmony and I venture to share some of those insights when the veil of ignorance is occasionally lifted.