The Dai-Ichi power plant at Fukushima experienced a double first in human history, not just a China syndrome but a triple China syndrome. The cores of three reactors melted through the steel and concrete containment and are now – in all probability – melting their way through the earth’s crust. What the immediate reaction of the magma will be is a complete unknown but it would appear likely that the planet will have a serious digestion problem. This must be one of the foremost nuclear issues of our day.


The Chernobyl problem was more or less contained thanks to President Gorbachev’s rapid reaction and the sacrifice of a couple of thousand people. The only comparison with Fukushima is that there is a problem.

The focus of this paper is nuclear radiation, rather irradiation. If ever humanity survives beyond the 21st century and looks back to this epoch, it risks being epitomized as the century of unfriendly radiation.

Derision is a common construct in the manipulation of a “belief system”, systematically employed by the majority of modern opponents. It is a rather weak form of humour and one does not generally turn to industrialists, let alone scientists, for humour, so it is especially distressing to find that they take the Mickey out of the general public who vainly searches for some truth in the mass of deliberately decentralized and dissembled data. But, as they say in the armed forces: “If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined!”

The first time I encountered this cynicism on the part of industry was in the 1980s when working for the French nationalized electricity utility which had just sold what became the Daya Bay nuclear power plant to China. All the technical specifications, operating manuals and training documentation had to be translated into English from French and the Chinese engineers and technicians took it from there. For some reason the French legislation concerning irradiation was even included in one of the files that ended up on my desk to be translated and so it was that I learned that emission of beta radiation is against the law, therefore not allowed, in France.

Because something is not allowed by law, it does not happen. All quite logical so far!

So, even if a power plant does emit beta radiation when venting or as a result of an accident or incident, it cannot admit to emitting beta radiation as it is illegal! But if no mention is made of beta radiation on the compulsory declaration documents, because it is not an option, the problem is solved!

We are living in interesting times as far as nuclear irradiation is concerned. No one questions why Japan – a country that is only allowed an army for internal purposes – is “authorized” to produce material for nuclear weapons, thanks to the use of mixed oxide fuel in their nuclear reactors. Disregarding the geo-politics of which we know but what we can glean, there is a stone-cold and very hard fact: the cocktail of isotopes coming from the Fukushima Dai-ichi plutonium and uranium fuel rods is daunting, primarily because of its longevity of effect, its interference in the hydrological and carbon cycle, and more especially, its impact on the hydrogen bonds which apparently keep us humans all together.

But the cat is now out of the bag! Five years of CONSTANT release of radioactive effluents into the atmosphere and sea from THREE nuclear units. A triple “China syndrome” plus a stack of highly volatile used fuel rods make for the worst-ever nuclear issue and there is no solution to stop the meltdown. So, what to do?

The international media, the world’s nuclear watchdogs, governments, politicians are all silent. What an extraordinary demonstration of leadership! Not one person steps forward. At least we have been spared the derision – so far. Of course, there is cynicism with a proposed restart of the nuclear power plants in Japan, albeit not in Fukushima, in addition to the prohibition to speak of a problem in the press.


Clearly there is nothing to be expected from these “authorities”. So, let’s take a step back in history and then move forward to a possible solution. The only person in the world to have conducted an experiment with the intention of finding an antidote against nuclear radiation sickness was Wilhelm Reich in December 1950. The Oranur experiment did not reach its goal but a number of immensely useful facts were discovered. In his words “It was found, beyond any reasonable doubt, that so-called radiation sickness is not, as heretofore assumed, a direct result of nuclear energy radiation upon living tissue but an immediate expression of a severe reaction of organismic energy against the action of nuclear energy radiation.”


The all-important “detail” Reich could be said to have overlooked was the fact that there were fifteen or so orgone accumulators in his laboratory when the uranium isotope was introduced into the premises! They were the reason such a strong reaction was triggered and led to the above conclusion and his subsequent internment and death in an American Federal Penitentiary in 1957.

Ever since Fukushima blew on 11 March 2011, I got busy building one, two, three then four orgone accumulators, including a portable one!

If there was such a thing as an individual dosimeter which could be applied on a person, then placed in a clean environment – free of any atmospheric radiation, to be then applied again on that same person after a twenty-minute stay in an orgone accumulator so as to have a fresh reading without any external influence, I would try to obtain one. But a Geiger counter has to be calibrated and the way the world is being inundated by alpha radiation (beta too, and gamma in Japan) it would be impossible, outside of a clean room, to do that without picking up background radiation, so falsifying the whole operation.

Not sure of the validity of a dosimeter I use a pendulum to ask, on a scale of 0-10 what the rate of nuclear irradiation is in a person. Once again, after a 20-minute session in the accumulator, I ask again and invariably that reading is 0. The only drawback is the need to sit in the accumulator every two-to-three weeks. That stuff keeps coming back!

By the way, Reich was jailed for contempt of court and he died there.


© Christopher Freeland, 2016