Orgone Accumulator

The Orgone Accumulator, the accidental invention of Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s, is a remarkable method to remove a broad range of unpleasant effects, although originally designed to act as a shield. Very few therapists use the ORAC (ORgone ACcumulator) and as a result, the immense benefit it works is not well known. Over the last fifteen years I have used them to clear nuclear and electromagnetic radiation, morgellons, herpes, pain, etc. The greatest advantage is found when sitting in the ORAC every two to three weeks, for radiation builds up and cannot be definitively removed in today’s polluted world. It is also a great way to cleanse food and drink of radiation by simply placing it in the box. Twenty minutes in the ‘box’ is sufficient for humans to reduce radiation levels. Obviously, this can only be done in person, although I do have a mobile version which has visited many corners of the earth. For those who would like to learn more about the nuclear irradiation issue, please see

The Orgone Accumulator is a remarkably useful means of therapy which can also be used to cleanse humans, animals, food and drink.

15 USD per 20 minute session