The personal consulting session is a specific radiesthesia session, either in person with me in Kilcrohane, or remotely. Either way I need your name and date of birth, or a photo (no matter if it is an old one). As a function of what you would like to know, we can discover a lot that is useful for your state of well-being. For example, you suspect that you are living over geopathic stress – your sleep is of a poor quality; your health is not right; should you move to another country; stay with your current partner, etc., etc. A simple means to find what is right for you, now and in absolute certainty, by simply asking questions with a pendulum and gradually narrowing down the field to find answers. The information gathered from a personal consulting session is accessible thanks to the human capacity to connect the head (formulating the questions) with the heart (the source of the all-conscious).
Very often well-wishing people tell us what we need – most of the time repeating what others have said, in total ignorance of your specific state, as if they somehow know your individual metabolism or they are inside your head! We are all different and unique. So, rather than putting faith in what others say only to learn that it is not quite the right thing for you, take the initiative and find the answers to your own wellbeing. It is your birthright and readily accessible. More on the how of radiesthesia can be found at
Please email me or send me a text on (353)0857072387 to request a RV.

In August 2011 I went to the Spa Chiang Mai Resort after having had 2 knee reconstructions to help rectify the damage done not only to my body but my health and well being. During this stay I attended a number of meditation classes, being most skeptical about this, I was not really a willing participant but encouraged by some fellow guests. Although I did not enjoy all of the classes I attended (each had a different teacher) I did return to Toff’s class. His explanation of ‘meditation’ was one that I could relate to. It was practical, not too fanciful and simple to understand. Further to this class I made an appointment to meet with Toff and to talk more about what he does and how he works with people and energy. A subject that fascinates me and that I think in years to come more and more people will want to learn about and understand. Toff has given me some very simple tools to use to help me with my health: mental, physical and emotional…. not always a brilliant scholar but when applied these techniques are most beneficial on many levels. I will be returning to CM in the very near future and look forward to meeting with Toff again, to talk and to learn about the many subjects that he is so knowledgeable about.. information shared graciously and without pretension by a very wise gentleman.

Alexis Farrell Perth, Western Australia

I met Christopher for the first time at the farmer’s market in Bangkok and immediately recognised he was operating on a different level. Words unspoken… but a real understanding. From my home 700km away I asked him by email to have a look at my house. His reply confirmed to me what I already felt and I was on the next plane to Chiang Mai. Chris not only identified and neutralised the issues in my home, he correctly identified some negative entities residing within me and removed them without much fuss. His Atlantis ring now protects me and his rods protect my home. Christopher is a generous and gifted person and I am fortunate to have met him.

Johannes Somers, Vientiane, Lao PDR

A Q&A session provides a wealth of information that you can turn to immediate practical use as a result of knowing details of your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional state. Decisions and actions for the short and long terms can be usefully determined on understanding your current strengths and weaknesses. This is a made-to-measure assessment enabling a totally personalized appreciation of the present situation. There are a range of options available: Basic, Detailed, Complete (a written detailed analysis). All types of assessment will include information concerning:

  • Your physical status with a rating from 0-10 of individual internal organs, endocrine components, vitality, general state
  • Details of your emotional state and suggested course of action to improve it – if desired
  • Your mental state with details of influences and possible options
  • Bio-magnetic and bioelectric readings – these are key indicators to the state of general well-being and your immune system
  • Blood pH, climatic influences, intestinal and other parasites, chronic infection….;

plus finding the following:

  • Are you subject to Geopathic Stress (GS) in your place of sleep and/or work?
  • Are you subject to negative energetic influences? If so, their nature?
  • Any allergies, obsessions, compulsive behaviour, etc.?
  • Life issues, PTSD, burnout, addiction, etc.
  • Your specific questions (limited to three in this offer).


Pricing and Availability

Please contact me for a RV. Basically I charge 60 euros an hour.