Possession, demonic or otherwise, is painful and sometimes fatal.

This is not a sensational caveat but a heartfelt and sincere warning for those who might be inclined to take these affairs lightly.

Quite what or who determines what is “demonic” is academic and in the final analysis of little importance, for when you are in the grip of the terror and fear of the moment – a moment that can last an eternity, and you never know when and if it will all start again – definitions are irrelevant.

Whether you are familiar or not with this taboo domain, the idea here is to introduce you to a different approach based on a synthesis of research into diverse cultural practice. Without being for or against one method or another, the emphasis is practical and the aim is simple – offer solace from the misery.

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Cast of characters

In this world:

  • The noxious practitioner – an individual enlightened to the harm and hurt caused by directed energy and/or the black arts.
  • Individuals who refer to such people and pay for their services to achieve their egocentric aims. The moral difference between them is negligible but the danger is essentially with the former.
  • Unenlightened individuals unaware of the power of energy and its consequences.
  • Individuals aware of the power of energy, applying it to the benefit of those concerned.

Of the “spirit” world:

  • Beings consumed by negative passions such as hate, jealousy, anger, cruelty, vengeance, etc. who have refused the light of Consciousness at the time of bodily death. Susceptible to control and manipulation by black magicians. Ranging from the demonic to the recluse but rarely capable of compassion.
  • Beings who have refused the light of Consciousness at the time of bodily death. Frustrated wanderers who move into living bodies mistaking them for sources of life. Generally believing in the reality of the physical world alone hence the refusal of the light. Ranging from jokers to the desperately lost and afraid.

There are no doubt degrees or shades in these various categories but please remember it is the living who apply their imagination to define these personalities with much depending on their belief system, understanding and even the intensity of their experience.

Beings whose spirit has moved into the light on the sloughing of the body cannot return to this phenomenal world. Aspects or the beneficial imprints of their efforts are often to be experienced by those who call on them.

Characteristics of the “spirit” beings

The crossover capacity of the “spirits” to manifest in the material world is often cause for great concern for us in the “real” world. Among the numerous actions one encounters, it is not uncommon for a disembodied entity to move objects, speak coherently in languages familiar to the listener, make noise, create nauseating smell, physically manifest in the form of their choice (including animals) and other abnormal things, the list is long.

Less commonly they can be physically violent causing damage in their zone of influence, harming others and making the possessed individual do some very freaky things they would not normally do, as also contract life-threatening physical conditions.

Their power is immense and deserving of respect if one plans on keeping one’s own sanity and health.

There is apparently a constant with all these persona – they will never refuse the invitation to move on to where they can evolve. It may take a few days for them to decide on the transition but they will do so. Never to return if they move into the light of Consciousness.

Casting an entity into some form of limbo is nothing short of cruel because the entity will once again be in the wrong place. What is more, it is dangerous because there is a strong chance it will find its way back to the familiar domain and will be one unhappy bunny. That could well be why Father Amorth, the former Vatican exorcizer-in-chief, spoke of dealing with the same entity on several occasions. The desire for vengeance can be fierce and the retribution in proportion.

Who/what can help?

Basically the choice of the person seeking help will be determined by that person’s belief system. There are useful resources to be found in: a/ psychology, b/ religion, and c/ therapy. This is a matter for your own conscience but the bottom line is the hard, cold fact, “does it work?”

Knowing the urgency to use the right solution first time around, it would be logical to have as clear as possible an understanding of what is involved.

The list is fairly short: The man/woman of the cloth; The shrink; The doctor; The hypnotist; The guide (shaman/white magician); The radiesthesist.

The educated decision is consequently oriented by what is immediately available, but if physical presence is not an issue the choice is quickly made once the nature of events is reduced to the common denominator.


The Lowest Common Denominator in everything we know and experience on earth can be resumed as frequency. Whether we like it or not, whether we can relate to it or not, the fact remains that all earthly phenomena are based and dependent on frequency of various orders. Life cannot exist without what we humans have defined as electric, magnetic and electromagnetic frequencies. Everything in the final analysis can be attributed to a form of vibration.

The problem is we have little idea as to how it all works. That is normal because we are a part of it. A component cannot comprehend the whole but we can infer a certain amount which experience will corroborate.

If we only perceive the short range of Hertzian vibration (±399 to 700 nanometers) that we see as humans, it is highly probable that other forms of more or less condensed matter exist and are sometimes actually seen, or rather perceived. It seems quite unreasonable, therefore, to assume that energy is confined to the frequency range that we can detect with our limited visual means.


An absence of happiness appears to be a constant in human existence. Now while there can be no specific solution for such a state, whether actual or imagined, there is definitely a great deal of benefit to be found in understanding why harmony is so elusive and that simple evidence can be attributed to thought, at least that is the idea exposed here.

I suspect that we seriously underestimate the power involved in thought. It is not such a well-preserved secret or is it because we are not educated to consider the possibilities? For it is as if it is a domain reserved for those prepared to make the necessary effort, for those desiring power.

We know that the exact mechanism of thinking is not clearly established in the medical mind, with a recent camp claiming what the Chinese stated some thousand plus years ago, namely that it is the viscera which are responsible for the emotions that are inevitably associated with thought? We are taught very little, if anything, about how to apply thought to accomplish well-being, and the subsequent state of happiness or otherwise.

But we all have a capacity to think, that faculty which alone can make or break us.

From a wholistic point of view it seems highly probable that all other life forms, from which ultimately we cannot be differentiated on a physical basis due to the sharing of life’s electromagnetic forces, even if we think we are superior or apart, share this same capacity but the other life forms apparently do not feel a need to use that force for anything other than to maintain the harmony that is life.

This ability to orient thought – available electromagnetic frequencies – towards achieving or avoiding an object of desire, discovered at some stage in the existence of the human entity, is fundamentally the cause for all that we know and experience as manifestation in the material world, which would also include the realm of dreaming.

Might it be that human belief has become so strong that the material world is the only reality? Why are we inclined to leave the all-important psychological aspects to “specialists”, and even relegate the essential knowledge of Nature with its cycles of life and death to “later”. It is an extraordinary day indeed that one meets a person aware of how to proceed on the fall of the physical body, let alone that there can be such a process.

Modern science would have us believe that there is no loss or gain in energy. The aim of such a theory can only be assumed to be part of a concerted effort to affirm the reality of the material world or its components, as a function of measurement and quantity.

Irrespective of the veracity of this claim, it is fair to say that in certain increasingly frequented circles there has never been any doubt, in any serious thinking person’s mind, that the material is not the only reality.

We are educated to believe, and we know, we are the most important thing in the world. But if and when your physical body drops, what happens to your all-important soul or mind? If the fall of the physical has been abrupt and if the soul refuses to accept the change, it can and might well panic, trying to find another host (physical body). Such an invasion is apparently only feasible if the host is unconscious, i.e. without their instinctive protective awareness to keep the invader out.

We do know a little about kinetic energy or force, however concerning vital energy we are basically ignorant, partially because it is invisible but primarily due to the impossibility to differentiate the host of vital functions which operate behind the scenes. It is reasonable to assume that many ancient cultures maintained that vital energy is the basis of everything, hence the system of divinities governing these principles of energy and the need to appease them.

This brings us to another denominator, and surely the most important of all for the simple reason it is the objective of one and all – love.


There is surely not a single other word in the English language, that perfect vehicle of obfuscation in the hands of the skilled manipulator, that is so impeccably misinterpreted!

Love is the expression of life and vice versa. There is not a single action that does not have love at its origin. The problem is that desire gets in the way.

There is substantial evidence that the many forms of life we encounter in our daily lives communicate, not only among themselves but across the spectrum of existence. If only we knew how to listen, we might hear sometimes. While we may not appreciate nor understand how such a system can work, we do nothing to comprehend such a possibility so it is not surprising.

Our entire scientific effort is based on differentiation and we are encouraged to believe that we are not only different from all other physical forms but even superior. What we have discovered about communications to and from plants, ESP and so on, has mostly been accidental; there is no concerted effort on behalf of science to investigate unicity. Consequently, there is no hope to be had from that quarter.

Consciousness in its purest form of knowing is light. Effulgence shared by all, with no possible separation safe in the imagined notion that there is more or less, is or is not. It still requires the light of knowing to see “it is” or “it is not”.

If we manage to retain this unbiased position when dealing with the smoke and mirror phenomena of these out of the ordinary situations, it is possible to be in that space of pristine clarity. Anything which detracts from this natural clarity can safely be discarded as not being beneficial. Such an attitude allows for the necessary recognition of there being nothing different, therefore all one, the basis for love as reasoned above. This can be achieved with disembodied spirits but probably not with determined, noxious humans. The moral of the story becomes simpler!

What do we know or understand of death?

This is the crux of the matter and there is little or no educational paradigm available to guide us in a practical manner. None of the mainstream religious systems can help very much, except by encouraging complete faith in some generally vague notions about what happens after death, or during our lifetime for that matter, all of which, I presume, is appealing for the average person, given the number of adherents to these credos, and so much the better if the faithful can find solace there. But if you want to find answers, whether satisfactory or not, you have to look outside the accepted paradigms and even then perhaps not all questions will be answered to anyone else’s enlightenment.

The following passage is taken from The Way of the Skeptic, a book I recently wrote which seems to be quite pertinent and worth repeating here.

…. “Wherever people lose their lives abruptly and other people are to be found unconscious, such as hospitals, battlefields, accident/disaster areas, the conditions are good [for a disincarnate entity to move in]. It is not the purpose here to relate my findings on the origin of where, when and how such possessions come about, and it is not my business. You will, however, have understood the immense possibilities for “possession” by now, or you stopped reading some time back!

“The nature or personality of these disembodied souls remains much the same as in their original body but what happens when two souls co-habit depends entirely on which of the two or more resident souls dominates. The potential scene ranges from quiet co-habitation to schizophrenia, which leaves plenty of room for erratic behaviour between those extremes.

“There is also the case of possession as a result of a person cursing another malevolently with the deliberate intention – because it is not only possible but common practice – of causing harm.

“Historically and practically this seems to be a matter of control by one individual over a soul-entity who is happy to perform tasks at the beck and call of the former. There is no shortage of people who like to make other people’s lives a misery but to acquire control over such an unhappy entity is beyond the scope of this short explanation and falls more into the domain of black magic. It is fraught with danger and consequences – for all concerned, and I speak from hard-learnt experience. Fortunately, such control is quite rare. The curse and the resulting damage, however, can be fatal, if not recognized as such, especially among people with less resistance, which might involve reasoning capacity, faith, categorical refusal (same thing as faith perhaps) or similar mind-sets.

“It is important to understand that there are degrees of hurt which can be caused. The spoken word can be very damaging, causing mental and emotional torment. That pain is easily resolved with contemplation and careful thought as to the reasons for the originating thought. Of course, it can not be resolved if you do not do anything to rectify the situation. Speech when combined with thought and intention, on the contrary, are extremely powerful in their effect but can be offset by equivalent intention and that is, in all likelihood, the very basis to all human endeavour.

“In the desperation to obtain what is wanted, people often resort to outside help, mediums, healers, shamans, magicians and so on. Generally, the person ordering the deed has absolutely no idea how that third party operates and cares even less so long as the object desired is achieved. That being so, and I make no judgement whatsoever in this respect, it could only be an act of responsible intention to ensure the minimum of damage. Because if there is a law of karma, then that harm will return and bite you, irrespective of the intention. This is especially true in the domain of black magic, which I would define as the use of forces for one’s own benefit to the detriment of others and the environment.”

Exorcism is not necessarily the end of the story, please remember awareness and protection are not to be ignored.

It has always struck me as surprising, to say the least, that the Tibetan form of Buddhism employs a well-developed, highly psychological text, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, for accompanying a dying person to their destination. The Buddha was quite adamant about man not having a soul, so, quite what is being guided can be more readily understood from the Bon tradition, which believes in spirits and the existence of a human soul. Buddhism is an immensely practical system, adapting to and incorporating local beliefs, but here too, unfortunately, there is no satisfactory explanation of how life and death all works, as it is brushed off as being transient and illusory. The other Book of the Dead, the Egyptian version, sometimes poetically translated into English, is too abstruse and remote from modern thought patterns to be of anything more than a subject of mystical rumination. Perhaps the Chinese, especially Daoism, has something to contribute to this paradox, but as is so often the case with esoteric observance of Chinese origin, the information is kept close to home and we remain in the dark. The Vedanta, the anonymous Hindu teaching, to my total conviction, has the answer to why we are here and the immediate solution to existence, consciousness and happiness.

The consequence for us humans of this singular lack of information and guidance in matters of life and death is a very large blank, which we all deal with according to our own capacity. If we are honest with ourselves, the diapason of feeling when confronted with the phenomenon ranges from rejection to outright terror. It seems, however, that no one is left unaffected when we speak of death or related subjects.

A big problem for the human mind is its frequent failure to differentiate the function of a mechanism for the mechanism itself. We have become so caught up in the belief of cause-effect that we are no longer able to discern the components. Just look at us. What is the cause of the body? I would say the mind, we come into existence on the strength of a whole series of thought-waves (the functions) empowered by the spirit (energy) via the sense-organs, efferent and afferent nerves, cortex, etcetera, so we can live out our desires. So strong does the belief in the body having a reality of its own that we develop the conviction that the inert body instead of the thought impulses is what it is all about. In the same vein, we might be inclined to believe that because of association the mind is derived from the vital energy. Not so, this force allows the mind to operate – and everything else for that matter – but has no causal relation with it. Because of our incomplete education and arrogance due to our assuming the cause is the effect, we believe otherwise. It is true that it would be really neat and tidy to have such simple relations of cause and effect, but it simply does not correspond with what we know. When we sleep or are unconscious for whatever reason, the vital force continues to function in our body, allowing the flow of oxygen, blood and all the other bodily functions to continue.
The ramifications of all this could lead into a universe of discussion, which is simply not the subject here as the focus is on the practical rather than the metaphysical or biological, although it is not sensible to separate these facets in the final analysis.

In ancient China the belief was that there could be no ideas, thoughts, or imagination without the hun being present; in the same way, there could be no physical life with birth and death, instinctual activity, duality, development, and destruction without the po. In this manner, we come much closer to the animist way of thinking with regard to life in general, which is especially handy in coming to grips with this “world of spirits.” Once the fear factor is removed from superstition, there is quite some fertile ground to be cultivated, and there is no need for any human authority to impose a rigid orthodoxy on our thinking, for there is no way ultimately to know outside of our own experience.

Possession a la chinoise

In my work over the years, the number of people I have found to be suffering from what can be loosely titled “possession” works out at a conservative average of 65 percent, and most, if not all, of those I have worked with have found relief on being “cleared.” Having spent more time than most people on this subject, in extensive study, contemplation, and research as well as in the practical work of exorcism, space clearing, and investigation, a word of explanation regarding “possession” might be useful, especially the ancient Chinese take on the subject.

If a person is subject to extremes of emotion or behaviour and loss of control ensues, the hun (the yang component of the human trending more toward the elevated aspects of activity requiring intelligence, knowledge, aspiration, imagination, and intuition) and po ( the yin component associated with the more earthly metabolic functions of breathing, digestion, circulation, transformation, autonomic movements of human life, and, of course, creation) are quite capable of exiting the host, leaving it to fend for itself. A return is possible but not guaranteed, especially if a chronic situation develops. The problem is generally sourced at home—whether overweening ambition, intense desire (satisfied or denied), chronic inebriation or unconsciousness, bulimia or depression—leading to a situation in which the sufferer is an accident waiting to happen, for the simple reason the hun cannot handle the stress and they (one or more) abandon ship.

Nature cannot abide a vacuum, and the vacated space can be occupied by vagrant energy forms because the natural protection mechanisms—so to speak—are no longer there to do their job. These invading po spirits remain much the same when at large as they were in their original body, but what happens next depends entirely on which of the residents dominates, for it is unlikely that cohabitation can be achieved harmoniously. The potential scenarios range from conformity to conflict, from relative calm to schizophrenia, leaving plenty of room for a broad range of strange behaviour between those extremes. The new arrivals now have a living space but no idea as to how they might fit into their newfound setup, and, of course, there are no instructions or managerial directives coming from the mind-set of the host person for the simple reason that he or she is oblivious to what has happened, although there may be a suspicion of something being amiss.

This invasion can apparently only happen with po who are “lost”; I’m more inclined to think that these po have not moved on to their next “evolutionary” stage when their original host dies, for whatever reason. They can be perfectly anodyne, or they can become mischievous or malevolent.

This is unknown territory and subject to a broad range of experiential interpretation and impossible to prove to the satisfaction of one and all. If we do believe in a personal entity/soul which evolves and is subject to life and death, we are soon made very aware of the singular lack of education in such matters, and lacking direction we are either prone to vague beliefs or rapidly get out of our depth.

There seems to be a sound argument for the soul also to experience this sensation of being lost at the time of death as a natural continuation of the paradigm. If that is the case and what we learn from ancient texts and near-death and similar experiences is true, we find an explanation to this phenomenon of “errant spirits”.

There would be space for several volumes on this subject but that is not the purpose here, so let’s stay on track and consider the outcome of over-attachment to the material world which is, in all probability, the cause for a soul-spirit being caught up in a place they do not care for. It is as if the hun is or are retained by the volition of the soul-spirit who refuses the beckoning of the “light”.

We are educated, perhaps not in so many words, to believe that we humans are the most important entities in the world. Yet vital questions remain hopelessly unanswered with regard to practically all aspects of our time, our role, and our purpose—if any—here on earth. If like most people, one becomes attached to the physical body, one is shocked by the demise of the physical, especially if it has been sudden, and if the po refuse to accept the change, they can and might well panic, even trying to find another host (physical body).

In places where people lose their lives abruptly and other people are to be found unconscious, such as at hospitals, battlefields, the scenes of accidents or disasters, the conditions are potentially good for the migration of one disembodied entity to another living shell. Cases of knowingly accepting and taking charge, in one’s own body space, of a dead friend’s soul is common in war scenarios and close friendships, but it cannot be the purpose here to relate findings about where, when, and how such possessions come about. You will, however, have understood the possibilities by now.

Now quite what the difference is between the divine and the elemental is a matter of belief and interpretation. It is all energy. Even if the working of energy is beyond our human understanding, there is little question that it can be directed and manipulated if one puts one’s intention and will to the task.

One of the major differences in the method I use is the conviction that I am not a judge of what is right or wrong with regard to what the entity is doing. As of the time that the entity declares it is ready to move on, that is sufficient. The idea of banishing a soul to some miserable place not only shows a grave lack of compassion in my book, but risks making that space full of potentially angry and fearful candidates for further mischief.

Using the pendulum in a question-and-answer session, one can determine if the personality(ies) would not prefer to be elsewhere, rather than vicariously deciding to move it (them) away. A psychological approach is recommended—explanation and encouragement in an imaginary conversation mode, albeit with a certain authority, seem to be appreciated, although subterfuge is no stranger to this context; ways need to be found to ensure that the personality is not making a fool of you. It is best to consider the exercise as a normal exchange between two strangers, but you have the advantage of being able to discover the truth with the pendulum or kinesiological method of your choice.

Assuming as I do that Consciousness is ground zero, the idea is to connect the errant personality to Consciousness, or the light that is somehow familiar to one and all. The great advantage of this is that once acknowledgment is established, a return to our frequential, material world is not possible.

There is little reason, in my thinking, to categorize these personalities. Following a very anthropocentric trend found whenever humans are called upon to offer an opinion, we automatically attribute human emotions to other beings, who may or may not share our twenty-first-century sensitivities, especially if they are from another epoch. Then, to make matters more complex, we superimpose our limited rational ability on them. We extend human feelings far and wide because that is all we are familiar with, which may be perfectly normal human behaviour, but it does not mean that other beings necessarily use those same criteria.

So, while ghosts, poltergeists, earthbound spirits, elementals, lost souls, demons, psychic attacks, negative energies, reptilians, ETs, fallen angels, cords, thought-forms, attachments, anchors, entities, greys, and others, are useful handles, and the many manifestations in this field are as real as the thought that affords them an existence in our mutual field of experience, I prefer not to employ these anthropocentric notions, nor do I try to explain them, principally because they defy our idea of normality. They are merely energy forms that we cannot wrap our heads around, and giving them a name is a vain attempt to circumscribe our understanding.

Why bother? They exist, and we can generally deal with them energetically, because we are no different, sharing Consciousness and existence as we do, however uncomfortable that might be to consider. We are all projections of the divinity of Nature, no?

If we are no different, it is but a step to realizing our unity, which is the foundation of love. If we are energetic manifestations, we share the electromagnetic/infrared frequency that allows one and all to vibrate. Love and light are the two items in the first-aid kit needed for situations involving these often hostile personalities.

What I say above in no way rejects or denies the reality of emotional and/or physical pain, of suffering and the fear involved. However, by assuming a psychological and practical approach, the all-too-human sentimental and mysterious angle that merely makes matters more ego-centred is minimized and clarity improved.

Most of us have a tendency to dramatize events around us, generally because it is titillating, even fun. Nowhere is this more true than in what we refer to as magic, probably because we know little about it and it is cause for fear—both the outcome and the associations generally involved. However, when we examine what is involved, and it would appear to be the case in all cultures and throughout history, it is a matter of concentration and precision of thought. As in any venture, focus and intention make all the difference.

© Christopher Freeland, 2017