Atlantis Ring

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  • Permanent protection against psychic attack
  • Enhanced psychic protection after clearing
  • Essential for spirit-clearing and similar work
  • Harmonizes local biomagnetic energies
  • Protection from all magnetic influences (other people, spirits, etc.)
  • No need for clearing, grounding or recharging


  • Harmonizing energy
  • Enhancing the magnetic field for the wearer
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Made to measure from Sterling silver.

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The Atlantis Ring

The Atlantis Ring provides a solution for those who prefer to wear a ring. More info is available on this extraordinary symbol in the Atlantis Symbol research paper Very special care is given in the creation of the ring to geometry and proportion, because without the exact proportion the effect is not achieved.

  • The world’s oldest protection against psychic incident

  • Essential for personal protection in energy-clearing and similar work

  • Harmonizes the magnetic field of the wearer

  • Protection from all energetic influences (other people, spirits, etc.)

  • No need for clearing, grounding or recharging

Radiesthetic research would indicate that the Atlantis symbol, thanks to its varied geometric forms and layout, generates a magnetic field of a very specific nature that protects the biomagnetic aura of the wearer. The combination of the geometric patterns and forms making up the Atlantis symbol seem to have a harmonizing capacity, as if they balance frequencies in the immediate vicinity. Affecting a range of energetic forces in the magnetic and electromagnetic diapason, including the telluric and cosmic energies impacting the human, so biomagnetic and bioelectromagnetic might be more accurate. The effective radius is approximately 2.25 metres. It has no apparent direct influence on the electric field, although the magnetic influence will have some bearing at a certain stage. Because of its restricted range it cannot act as a shield against cosmic forces from the sun and universe, nor cosmic or tropospheric EMF or radiation.
This fact of balancing within a restricted area would imply it can be used as a protection against energetic forces, both of known and unknown influences and as a result act as a defence, protecting the wearer from energy of a magnetic and electromagnetic nature. Given that thought is an electromagnetic frequency, that is perhaps the reason why it was considered especially useful against the harmful intentions of other humans, providing protection of a psychic and mental nature.
Made of 950 Sterling silver
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