Colloidal Aurichalcum

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99.9% pure metal, dynamized structured water

The nanoparticle size of the colloidal platinum produced by Christopher Freeland ranges from mono-atomic up to 10 nm thanks to the large area anode plates used to make it. The reason for that is simple: molecules larger than 20 nm cannot pass through the barriers that protect most organs.

With the electrolysis method used, a pulsed DC voltage is applied between a large area anode and cathode.  Atoms are thus gently drawn off from the anode (positive plate) and are swept into the mass of water before being able to be deposited on the cathode (negative plate).

This is a combination of Gold and Copper, Aurichacum is not generated by the body, but comes from a blend of nanoparticle gold and ionic copper.

The Aurichalcum mix here is one part of copper to ten parts of gold, achieved by first making colloidal copper water for 4 hours, then changing the electrodes to gold and continuing the electrolysis process for a further 40 hours. In this way the electrical charges mix at a monoatomic level resulting in a more effective product, having rejuvenation and other healing benefits. Silver inactivates or kills microbes on the Physical Plane, while Gold expels other dimensional (mental, emotional) parasites, so one regains lost psychic abilities and attains a joyful mood. The particular use of aurichalcum is oriented towards the effects of electromagnetic frequencies. Of course in this day and age such frequencies are everywhere, they have an unknown impact on the human metabolism but the general consensus is one of negativity due to the multiple dimensions affected, and at some stage, we all feel those effects and have nowhere to go and have them remedied. That is the purpose of this cocktail and it has proved its worth as many customers are finding.

Dosage: Best to hold the water under the tongue for 30 seconds, on an empty stomach; wait 15 minutes before swallowing anything else.

Colloidal aurichalcum can safely be taken by drinking, spraying under the tongue.

60 ml spray bottle 15 USD

500 ml bottle 35 USD

1000 ml bottle 60 USD


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