FDV Cartouche

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950 Sterling silver designer-made pendant

The FDV Cartouche works on a unique concept, the principle of form, like its older brother the paper FDV. The effective radius of the FDV Cartouche is ± 195 cm. The FDV Cartouche is an attractive objet d’art that can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, it provides the same function as the FDV. Designed by Thierry HOLEMANS, the celebrated jeweler of Brussels and Place Vendôme, on Toff Freeland’s registered double vortex pattern to harmonize electromagnetic radiation. Made of 950 Sterling silver, treated with rhodium to avoid tarnishing. Comes with a Sterling silver necklace.

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The FDV Cartouche is an attractive objet d’art to be worn around the neck or on the wrist.

The FDV Cartouche is the design of Thierry Holemans, the celebrated jeweller of Brussels, Chiang Mai and Place Vendôme, on Christopher Freeland’s registered double vortex pattern.

Made of 950 Sterling silver, it comes with a Sterling silver necklace.

FDV Cartouche operates on a unique and ancient principle, the law of form that modifies the flow of movement, providing relief against hard and fast moving frequencies, as for example electromagnetic radiation, including 5G. The energy used in mobile telephony is powerful and can cause some serious problems (such as tumour in the worst case, headache and burning sensation for some) as we all know, although most of us prefer to ignore. Be that as may, it is possible to modify the impact of that force on the human metabolism by means of the spiral, Nature’s preferred, life-giving form. The Cartouche provides an effective radius of ± 195 cm all around the wearer.

To learn more, please read the posts in the Blog tab.https://radiesthesia.online/mobile-phones-and-electromagnetic-frequencies/ 

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