FDV Pet Tag

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A totally natural solution for our animal companions.

Simply attach the tag to the animal’s collar, halter or chain.

30 USD, including postage.

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The FDV (Freeland Double Vortex) Pet Tag

  • The same precise geometric design providing relief to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the FDV is now available for pets in the form of a tag to be attached to a collar.

  • The spiral – Nature’s favourite form, found everywhere but not visible to the untrained eye.

  • The FDV Pet Tag has four spirals and two projectors.

Over the last several years, an increasing number of health problems have been found among our domestic animals (dogs, cats, cattle, goats, pigs, sheep, horses, lamas), ranging from depression, allergies, parasite infestations, behavioural issues. As with humans, there is a strong chance that the frequency soup we now live in is instrumental. That being so, it was worth trying to help the suffering animals by using the FDV, and the results have been spectacular. The FDV Pet Tag is the latest addition to the product line. Made of four copper disks mounted on a loop, just attach the tag to the animal’s collar.

Red-cell blood tests have revealed an intriguing faculty of the FDV from people keeping it on their person, the cells stay separate unlike those of the control group – not wearing a FDV – where the cells jam or overlap, and there is a strong possibility that the same applies to animals. Form is able to modify the magnetic field in the most unsuspecting manner.

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