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A totally natural solution for man’s main toy!

Effective also with 5G.

Can be kept in your wallet or on the phone or electronic device.

20 USD, including postage.

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The FDV (Freeland Double Vortex)

  • A very precise geometric design providing relief to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and its effect on your metabolism in the currently used technologies of 4G and 5G.

  • The spiral – Nature’s favourite form, found everywhere but not visible to the untrained eye.

  • The FDV incorporates four spirals and two projectors.

In general, the stronger forms of human-generated energy move in a straight line. Straight lines are rare or non-existent in Nature and often, when introduced, disrupt natural patterns. The spiral – Nature’s creative shape – modifies the way energy interacts with the human metabolism. We pay little or no attention to the properties of geometric form but their effects are very surprising and can be most beneficial.

Red-cell blood tests have revealed an intriguing faculty of the FDV from people keeping it on their person, the cells stay separate unlike those of the control group – not wearing a FDV – where the cells jam or overlap. Form is able to modify the magnetic field of the individual in the most unsuspecting manner.

The basis for modern telecommunications is non-ionising radiation. It is totally unnatural and what little research is available is not good news.

The FDV protects the human metabolism against the effects of these frequencies. Those effects can include such phenomena as “hot ear”, headache, buzzing noises, brain fog and so on.

The WHO (World Health Organisation), in May 2011 after many years of research, stated that there is a relationship between heavy use of a mobile phone and brain tumour. Heavy use of the phone in their studies is considered to be 30 minutes a day!

Read more in the FDV paper on this site https://radiesthesia.online/mobile-phones-and-electromagnetic-frequencies/

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