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Mermet Pendulum

$ 38.00

Specialist bronze pendulum with witness compartment



The Mermet pendulum is a bronze pendulum carefully crafted by Jozef Baj in Poland. A heavy weight, 60 gms, specialist pendulum. The top unscrews from the body to allow a witness to be placed inside. The use of a witness is very practical when you need to be focussed on one subject, for example, if searching for a person, where you would place something personal – name and date of birth; or when analysing the state of health of an individual, again with a lock of hair, or similar.

Originally designed by Abbé Mermet, a French priest who never left his office in northern France, but nevertheless found numerous mineral deposits in South America for mining companies in the 1920s and 30s using his dowsing capacity working on maps.

A witness could be a lock of hair, a piece of paper with the name and date of birth, a contextual situation, e.g. treasure in the garden, a photo, etc.

The real stuff of existence-consciousness is universal, and that word contains a clue, uni, or the oneness that is the canvas on which all our feelings and perceptions can find expression. This is what I call the all-conscious. It is always there, nothing can affect it, everything has it and nothing can be without it. By using a pendulum one is simply calling out to this all-conscious because that is where everything is deposited, including knowledge. They are not to be found in any of the so-called faculties of the conscious cerebral mind.

Call it what you will, it is not bothered by names. IT IS.

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