Personal Consulting Session

$ 125.00

An assessment of current physical, mental and emotional state

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Thanks to a personal consulting session we can find insights to your health, life issues and their potential resolution. Emotional or psychological, environmental or diet-induced, psychic or physical… let’s find the origins and a way ahead in total confidence and awareness. No nonsense, simple and practical wholistic solutions.


One-to-one, we work through a procedure of questions to establish a complete wholistic picture of your current state – physical, organic, endocrinal, emotional and psychic. A reasoned and intuitive questioning process with two heads and two hearts to guide the protocol, and focus on the essential – your wellbeing and solutions to possible imbalances.

Working on the TCM principle of a link established between the patient and practitioner – spirit to spirit, access is gained to the actual situation. Every consultation is different, but all include an empathetic ear and possible solutions (including but not limited to):

  • Discovering if geopathic stress is involved

  • An extensive range of tools including magnets, moxibustion, frequencies, radionics, colloidal metals

  • Spirit release (curse, possession/obsession, voluntary or involuntary)

Additional services include clearing of land, homes, people; Realaxation® – my proprietary protocol to move out of the “fight or flight” into the energy-restorative nervous mode; removal of geopathic stress using a unique medieval architectural principle.

It is possible to do this remotely, I need either a photo (no matter if it is an old one) of the person in question, or their full name and date of birth.