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A set of three crystals, 1 of pollucite and 2 of kyanite – 35 USD

Absorbs radiation, electromagnetic and nuclear.


Pollucite is a rare vitrified crystal with an exceptional capacity, it is able to absorb radiation of varying types, both nuclear and electromagnetic.

When you place the crystals near the router, phone, computer, electronic device, etc. it will absorb the potentially harmful frequencies coming from those devices, so reducing your exposure and the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human metabolism.

Discovered in 1846 in Elba, Italy, the mineral was named after Pollux, the twin brother of Castor in Classical mythology. (Helen of Troy and the ill-starred Clytemnestra were his sisters). The discoverers associated it with castorite, named after Castor, since both occurred in lithium-rich granite pegmatites at this source. Although castorite was later renamed petalite, the name pollucite remained.

Pollucites can reach the hardness of quartz (7) and require no special care or settings. However, kyanite serves to recharge the active crystal which does not need any cleaning or other recharging.

In its metal form, cesium is toxic, and the isotopes produced as nuclear waste or for medical purposes are radioactive. That is perhaps why the crystal is useful in its proposed for here, as an aid in reducing radiation, naturally occurring cesium, such as that found in pollucite gems, poses no risk of radiation.

Strangely enough, according to myth, Pollux was immortal while Castor was mortal. So, too, did the name “castorite” pass away. What is more, some myths claim the twins had different fathers, immortal Zeus and the mortal Tyndareus. So, though originally paired, these minerals proved to be distinct, too.

Proposed here is a set of three crystals, 1 of pollucite and 2 of kyanite in a cotton bag.

Provenance: Afghanistan

Some relevant information to be found in the Radiation paper at https://radiesthesia.online/index.php/nuclear-radiation/


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