Radiesthesia II – Vital Force

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A unique method to assess human, animal or other by means of a pendulum thanks to a structured protocol of questioning. By combining the intellectual capacity – essential to formulate the questions and define the dimension, and the intuitive heart – the real seat of thinking, the author leads the reader through the second of his manuals in the Radiesthesia series

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Radiesthesia II – Vital Force

Radiesthesia II – Vital Force is the second pamphlet (46 or so pages) in a series. Designed for the radiesthesist practising well-being assessment, or for those wanting to check and monitor component factors of health. This very simple method employs a procedure unpublished to date, making it a useful companion on the serious dowser’s journey.

Exploring the multiple aspects of the nature and function of energy as it affects our personal environment,  the author accompanies the reader through the second of his manuals in the Radiesthesia series, enabling access to information that is not generally available. The art and science inherent to radiesthesia is fundamentally a matter of questioning, here is an invaluable tool in that process. Introducing for the first time a unique colour scheme where by you can find out much about the subject and their state of health. This is particularly useful when questioning the motivation of the subject – egocentricity, intention and spirituality – or lack thereof. The purpose of this colour scheme is primarily for analysis; it is not a score sheet intended to judge people, so be careful of reading too much into its interpretation, although it is very useful to know what kind of person one is dealing with. The analysis is based on the balance (or imbalance) of external and internal colours; if they are the same, all well and good, but if not, there is imbalance, and further investigation is necessary to find where the problem, if any, lies. This system is a remarkable way to help establish harmony in individual existence.

ISBN: 978-1-78723-401-7

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