Radiesthesia IV – Geopathic Stress

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The fourth pamphlet in the Radiesthesia series where the author offers some simple solutions to the problems caused by telluric frequencies, and provides a unique solution to offset geopathic stress, based on principles of medieval architecture.

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Radiesthesia IV – Geopathic Stress

Radiesthesia IV – Geopathic Stress is the fourth pamphlet (26 pages) in the Radiesthesia series. The text provides insights into the nature of the telluric energies coming from the ground and how they affect us here on the surface. As can only be expected, when combined with modern gadgetry, that telluric energy can produce conditions that are not only very hard to diagnose, but even harder to rectify, but inevitably cause problems for all the inhabitants of the geographic zone in question.

The  author offers a very simple solution to offset this common and harmful phenomenon, using a unique and unknown medieval technique probably brought over from the Middle East by the Knights Templar and systematically used at the time of building the cathedrals; never used again since that time, as the Templars took the secret with them to obscurity, but thanks to the author’s two-year research in Chartres, the benefit is now available and offered in the services he offers.

The major difference between this exclusive technique and the ancient science of feng shui, lies in the simple fact that the Chinese would never – although maybe not in this day and age – have built any form of accommodation over these harmful frequencies in the first place, so that Chinese source of harmony does and can not apply to our problems today.

More information is available in the paper on Geopathic Stress, https://radiesthesia.online/index.php/geopathic-stress-gs/

Radiesthesia IV – Geopathic Stress is also available as an ebook

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