Sanskrit-English Philosophical Wordlist

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Sanskrit-English Philosophical Wordlist

This is a 432 pp quarto hardback bound dictionary of Sanskrit philosophical terms in English, with about three thousand five hundred terms compiled in order to help anyone interested in Vedanta, the esoteric teachings of the Hindus concerning the meaning of life, and man’s purpose. Not just Upanisadic in its scope, the compendium covers many things Indian, whether cosmology, philosophy or mythology from a broad base of philosophical systems and traditions (Shaivite, Vaishnavite, Tantrik, Jain and Buddhist).

There is a definite bias towards non-dualistic thought in the interpretation of the terms because the author was a monk in the Vedanta school of Shankaracharya.

Entries are in Devanagari script with a romanised transliteration, where possible the Sanskrit root word has been included with the entry to satisfy curiosity or aid further investigation by linguists and philologists. For etymologists concerned by historical setting, textual reference is often provided in which the expression appears and thus the time of its use can perhaps be deduced.

Foreword by the late Professor J.Gonda of Utrecht University.

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Pages: 423 Pages. ISBN: 978-974-7046-78-6

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