UFO Pendulum

$ 37.00

Space-age bronze pendulum, with postage included.



The UFO pendulum is a light bronze pendulum made by Jozef Baj in Poland. As the name suggests, the shape resembles a flying saucer, a well-balanced pendulum lighter than the others found here, so better adapted for use indoors, and definitely not if you are exposed to the wind. The weight is 23 gms, and like all products from Jozef Baj, a well crafted and elegant object.

The real stuff of existence-consciousness is universal, and that word contains a clue, uni, or the oneness that is the canvas on which all our feelings and perceptions can find expression. This is what I call the all-conscious. It is always there, nothing can affect it, everything has it and nothing can be without it. By using a pendulum one is simply calling out to this all-conscious because that is where everything is deposited, including knowledge. They are not to be found in any of the so-called faculties of the conscious cerebral mind.

Call it what you will, it is not bothered by names. IT IS.

Further instruction on the use of a pendulum and radiesthesia in general, please visit https://radiesthesia.online/index.php/radiesthesia-dowsing/

Postage for the UFO pendulum is included in the price.


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