Q and A

A Q and A session, either in person or via electronic means (Skype, Messenger), lasts for approximately 15 minutes and is the opportunity for you to ask specific questions, relating to yourself or a person of your choice. Generally, questions concern work, relationships, buying/selling, where to live, geopathic stress, entities (curse, possession/obsession), and so on, but there is nothing that cannot be asked, however, please consider first if you can handle the answer emotionally before asking. Questioning into the future will, most of the time, only find a correct answer if there is an extremely urgent need to know. That urgency ensures the querent is sufficiently focussed on the need to know in relation to the essential nature of the question. Conditions down the road are no longer the same as they are now, for example: the asking price for a house is 300k, your budget is 250k, will the seller accept your offer, the key perhaps lies in the timing, not just if but when, so the questioning process is more intricate. The art of questioning, Q and A, is key to radiesthesia, perhaps the very basis of the whole exercise. To ask a question one relies on one’s cerebral capacity to determine what it is you are after, this avoids ambiguity which can confuse the issue by introducing unnecessary elements which cloud the query. When the question is clearcut and specific, the answer can only be likewise.

Please check out https://radiesthesia.online/dowsing-faculty-aubrey-westlake/.

20 USD