Apart from the Atlantis symbol, all the other designs are mine. That is pretentious, it would be more just to say they were inspired by Nature from observation of the movements and patterns adopted. All that reading and experimentation have left me with a sense of proprietary pride!

The papers in the Arena are free and intended for the curious who might share my fascination for the subtle and not so subtle forces of Nature whose frequencies we blithely call “energy”. They are the foundation of my contribution to research into domains deliberately neglected by the mainstream, either because there is no money there, ignored because disturbing by their simplicity and efficiency, or running against the current scientific paradigm.

The Courses are online, possibly in person if we can get a crowd of at least three together, and modestly priced because it is you who are going to have to work, but you will find it is worth every second!


Two options here, the paper version or the silver Cartouche


Freeland Vitalizer for an energy boost
Freeland Alkalizer for higher pH
Freeland Spiralizer for more magic!

Geopathic (GS) Devices

GS Dome with a 12 metre effective radius
GS Rods for a wholistic connection

Atlantis Symbol

Atlantis silver ring
Atlantis leather belt
Atlantis leather riband