Copper sanitizer


A handy, practical antimicrobial measure to protect against bacteria, viri and bugs. 15 euros for 1 copper sanitizer strip


The copper sanitizer is the perfect antimicrobial protection in these times of need. Rather than constantly washing your hands or spraying chemicals on your skin, use Nature’s self-sterilizing gift – copper. Hospitals have found a significant (70 to 90%) reduction in bacterial load when replacing contact surfaces with copper or bronze – toilet seat, tap handle, door push plate, push-button contact, etc.

The ancients knew about the sterilizing faculty of copper, the Egyptians were using it to treat wounds and purify water. Its antimicrobial properties have been used throughout the world in most civilisations. What is more, it is a great way of stopping the greying of hair! The copper colloidal is the best solution for that.

Keeping a strip of the copper sanitizer readily accessible in a pocket, or both left and right pockets, purse (even better) to rub your fingers and hands on whenever you want to clean them of bacteria, viri and bugs is a great way to avoid the numerous adverse effects of chemical-based hand-sanitizers in this time of insanity.

One copper sanitizer strip – 15 euros


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