Copper Tongue Scraper


A handy, practical antimicrobial measure to protect against bacteria, viri and bugs. 15 euros for 1 copper sanitizer strip


Copper Tongue Scrape – Tongue scrapers are common in India, but relatively rare elsewhere. The reason for removing the ‘fur’ from your tongue is found in Ayurvedic theory; at night when the body is lying flat, fluids and deposits in the upper oesophagus can, and generally do, reach the mouth where they form a layer on the tongue. Often the cause of ‘dragon’ breath, and less so of a digestive disorder, it is a good idea to remove the deposits rather than swallowing them again. To do that, the tongue scraper is ideal, and even better a copper scraper, as the bacteria- and viri-killing capacity of copper ensure a harmless removal of the offending fur.

The ancients knew about the sterilizing faculties of copper, the ancient Egyptians were using it to treat wounds and purify water. Its antimicrobial properties have been used throughout the world in numerous civilisations.

It is very simple to use, hold the scraper in both hands and first thing of a morning, scrape your tongue before washing your teeth.

One copper tongue scraper – 15 euros, postage in addition.


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