Freeland Vitalizer Coaster


Acacia wood Freeland Vitalizer

Nature’s energy restorer, creates an energizing vortex functioning in relation to the energy of what is placed on it. Made of acacia wood with the geometric form laser-cut into it. Please read the Vitalizer page if you would like to discover more about a surprisingly simple natural solution to boosting the energetic strength of whatever can be placed over the trivet.
The force field projected can be applied to a large number of situations requiring creation of a calm, harmonious and balancing energy, especially for localized geopathic stress. Simply place the Vitalizer over the source (ground, floor, power outlet) and the effect is dissipated. Suggested time for treatment: 2-20 minutes.

  • Boosts the energetic content
  • Revitalizes
  • Enhances taste


This is a laser-engraved wooden version of the Freeland Vitalizer, a geometric pattern which interacts with whatever is placed on it creating an energetic reaction and restoring vitality. A handy addition to the table or work surface so you can place medication, supplements, vitamins or cooking ingredients on it for five minutes before using them and boost the energetic content. Put your glass of wine on it and taste the difference!