Spirit Release

What is spirit release or clearing? A “spirit” is  a vague notion at the best of times. Is it even possible for a physical being to define it? A rush of questions follow, but cease when viewed from the purely practical angle. Particularly when relief from suffering for all concerned can be found. Some form of definition would be welcome however, and that is why the term Other-Dimensional Entity (ODE) is used rather than any other expression, as it seems to cover the vast range of those invisible (most of the time) but very real presences. For more detail of this very personal and taboo issue, please view https://radiesthesia.online/index.php//shop/other-dimensional-entities/.

Over the years of working in the domain of spirit release and clearing I have read voraciously about the subject, and an approach – I hope not a dogma – has been developed, and it is one of compassion for what I believe is a matter of mistaken identity. We material beings are inclined to ignore the force that enables existence. From the age of twenty-two my efforts have been oriented towards appreciating this force which is the basis of everything that exists. The years of training as an orthodox Hindu monk in the kevaladvaita Vedanta school set the foundation on which the rest of my education was based.

The beauty of such an education is that one soon learns that we are part of a whole, quite inseparable from that, therefore subject to its flow. Only when that lesson is completely absorbed and expressed, is one able to interact efficiently in that context. We share the same frequential energy as one and all here in this earth dimension. The ability to connect and communicate with the various forms of energy is a matter of intention, and subsequently, will. But not my intention, not my will. The intention and will of the Superior Intelligence that allows the whole show to manifest. Obviously, it is my conception of how life works that I project such human tendencies on a power that is beyond my comprehension, however, I sense when my apparent actions are in harmony.

I am convinced that in the domain of spirit release, it is not a matter of what one human wants or does not want, otherwise there is little difference from the world of magic where one is employing unknown forces to achieve what ONE wants, it is what the ODE needs as a function of the guiding Superior Intelligence, and the intermediary is simply a conduit.

And what could be more normal for a disembodied entity, now in another dimension to that of the material, embodied living being, to need to find its correct place having refused the light, for whatever reason, at the time of the fall of the physical body. It is the price to pay, and one more lesson for us to learn.

At a conservative guess, it seems that 65% of populations that have not received a naturally spiritual education are disturbed by entity presence or invasion, voluntary or otherwise. If you think you need help in such matters, please do not hesitate to contact me. Much of the time release can be worked remotely and we do not need to meet in order to release those involved.

Spirit Release is an essential service, primarily to the spirit-entity located in the “wrong place”, but also to the host and their family.

Suggested contribution: 60 USD