The photo here is an image which has caused a lot of ink to flow yet remains an enigma.

It is a perfect example of water flowing underground resulting in an effect on the surface of the earth.

We pay little attention to what we cannot see. Energy is invisible and while we depend on it for our very lives we cannot explain how it works. What is unfortunate is that we do not pay much heed to the things we take for granted, the things that are free and enable us to stay alive and kicking.

When you think that a vibration emitted by a certain component in a plant can be transformed into a practical therapeutic form and applied to a sick human, we have a good example of the immensity of the invisible world which we inhabit in blissful ignorance. Some would, therefore, say that we cannot be blamed for our unawareness. Maybe, and it is not really surprising that we are in a state of ignorance concerning these invisible forces, they do not have a great press and there are only a few eccentrics who talk about them! But that is surely not a reason to neglect them, particularly when we can do something about them when they upset our very existence.

A little history

From an historic viewpoint, many civilisations have left us glancing information into their ancient practices, but none as much as the Egyptians who some 15,000 plus years ago probably knew all about this subject and it is primarily thanks to them that we can deduce what little we do understand today. Although the information is never acknowledged to have been originated by them or their predecessors. The Chinese also developed a certain amount of knowledge in this field, but it is jealously guarded despite the upheavals of the last century and only filters out to the world in a diluted exoteric form of Feng Shui. I suspect that in China, the knowledge of energy fields and their interaction remains a local secret. So many primitive (as viewed by more scientific societies) peoples – Australian Aborigines, South African Bushmen, Pygmies, Malaysian Sakai, etc. – are aware of natural phenomena and apply the inherent forces with respect and care to the benefit of all concerned.

In the west, where ever since the 4th century AD, the Christian church has held sway over what can or cannot be said or done, science has been kept under a tight rein. Even though the theory of a round earth was finally accepted in the 16th century, making way for a more open-minded approach to nature and her ways, remarkably little changed until the early 1900s when a substantial amount of research, experimentation and investigation was made into “energy” until the 60s, most noticeably in western Europe.

That sixty-to-seventy year period was one of re-discovery, danger and revelation. However, once again, the dominant forces – this time in the form of vested scientific interest, gained the upper hand and we slipped back into the dark ages as regards research into anything that touches on what our detractors would call pseudo-sciences. Perhaps there is no money there, yet! So, no surprise.

But, the human condition for whatever reasons, fortunately prevails and recently, the public eye has been focused on one specific phenomena of telluric energy: geopathic stress. Buildings and modern infrastructure naturally enough have to fit into the local environment as well they can, and the common sense principles of the ancient art of working with nature go by the board. The Chinese Emperor Kuang Yu (2205 – 2197 BC) published an edict which ordered the probing of building sites in respect of underground water currents in order to get rid of noxious influences. No ancient site, anywhere, is ever found built on such subterranean aquifers, unless those invisible forces are used and integrated into the overall structure, viz. the columns in monuments such as European cathedrals and churches of the middle ages, or menhirs and dolmens of earlier times. Given that medieval builders would supposedly test their sites first by putting sheep there and observing if they avoided the area, it indicates that the sensitivity to underground water gradually diminished or was simply not considered as being worthy of interest.

The situation today

The rub today is that we have little option but to build where space is available, and there is no leeway to position buildings – there is no space, so we have to make the best of a bad job. Having said that, the architects could well pay more attention to integrative design principles and harmony rather than trying to excel by their originality, as so often seems to be the case.

People, animals, plants and objects regularly spending time in zones subject to geopathic stress (GS) are likely to experience problems at some stage in their existence. Per se it does not cause any illness, but apparently lowers immunity. Of course, the strength or otherwise of the individual’s immune system is all-important, to the extent that some people sleeping over GS never experience difficulty.

GS is a component cause, possibly making things worse but definitely not reducing aggravation. For most forms of life and its normal development on earth, a balance in natural energetic vibration or resonance in the nerve and endocrine systems is required. So, for every living cell, whether human, animal, plant or mineral to grow, develop, mature, age and finally die, from old age and wear rather than from disease, it must, mandatorily, vibrate harmoniously.

The influences of geopathic stress depend on the source or origin/type which are numerous, both natural and man-made, such as geology, geomagnetism, electric, electromagnetism, cosmic forces, shape and form, meteorology, their combination and periodicity, to name just a few.

The effects on humans can be transferred/transported, slow or the contrary and they are cumulative over time. Even the World Health Organisation, if it can be taken seriously, reckons that 30% of buildings have what is known as Sick Building Syndrome, or structures subject to geopathic stress.

This is further complicated (for humans at least) by factors such as metals (roofs, beds and chairs), chemicals, poisons & pollutants, malnutrition/diet, recreational drugs, alcohol, psycho-social stresses, genetic weakness, electrosmog, etc..

In nature, some plants and animals are happy (within limits) in geopathic stressed areas, while others are not and suffer. Earth-bound lemurs, entities or ghosts are generally happy there too.

The nature of such problems is varied, but appears to cover the entire physical, emotional and mental range, e.g. addiction, ADHD, aggressiveness, allergies (exacerbated), anorexia, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, bed-wetting, bulimia, cancer, candidiasis, cell de-regulation and growth issues, chronic fatigue, cot death (SIDS), dementia, depression, diabetes, eczema, enzyme production, exhaustion, foetal development, food intolerance, glandular fever, headache, heart disease, hyperactivity, infertility, insomnia, intestinal disorders, lethargy, lymph problems, memory loss, miscarriage, multiple sclerosis, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), nervous disorders, obsession, pain, Parkinson’s, premature birth, resistance to treatment, restless sleep, rheumatism, schizophrenia, sexual abuse, skin problems, stressed relationships in partnerships, stroke, tuberculosis, etc., etc.. The effects do not only concern health: houses with geopathic stress running through them are consistently slower to sell than those without (it would appear that people sense something’s wrong even if they are not consciously aware of it), lightning strikes such areas on a regular basis. GS is often a factor in struggling businesses, accident black spots, failing technology, corruption, financial decay and bad luck in all its forms,

Initially for humans, GS often manifests as a sleep disorder which is perhaps explained due to the fact that mitosis, cell replication, occurs during sleep. If a person sleeps in a GS-free zone, the cells reproduce in harmony with the original state of the cell. If, on the contrary, the ambient surrounding frequency stops the cell from vibrating at the desired level, the cell becomes deformed in relation to the original. Imbalance and disharmony follow.

Funnily enough, gypsies – the European nomads – despite their appalling life-styles with plenty of alcohol, smoking and junk food, do not suffer from this problem. They spend their sleep time in constantly changing areas and perhaps they are or were more aware of these forces at play.

Bed and work are where most people spend the majority of their time. Sometimes, it is sufficient to change the sleeping area or move athedesk a few feet and the danger is avoided. That may not always be possible, while placing a copper or aluminium sheet under the mattress will reflect the radiating waves from water for example when an underground stream passes below, that will have a contrary effect if there is a geological fault, and the effect would be accentuated by the presence of the metal sheet. The best solution would invariably be to use a neutralizing system as it can further offset the effects of radio masts, high voltage power-lines, industrial processes, domestic electric appliances and the numerous sources of daily exposure to magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

GS appears in many forms, such as lines, beams or combined forms, sometimes varying according to the time of the day or atmospheric conditions. The increase in technology in the last few decades has been phenomenal and the effect on our living and working environments, huge. The use of an electromagnetic field meter might indicate the differences from one zone to another but cannot tell you what it is caused by, let alone if that measurement is good or bad for your metabolism, or the origin(s) of the issue.

Detection of GS is easy on humans. Using a pendulum, determine the hand with positive polarity and simply place the pendulum over the Triple Warmer 2 point (Gate of Humours). If there is no GS, the pendulum will indicate a positive response, if there is GS, it indicates a negative response.

It is anecdotal but until the early 1950s, there were something like 3,000 general practitioner medical doctors in France making regular use of a pendulum to check their diagnosis and confirm their prescription. That was a high percentage. Word came down fast and the pendulum has been relegated to the dustbin. Is it because we cannot believe anything unless perceived by our physical senses?

To my knowledge no scientific biomedical journals have published any articles in the English language concerning Geopathic Stress. Having said that, it would appear that some doctors take the notion seriously, so there is a glimmer of hope that some suffering may be curtailed.

Telluric forces

These energies work around the clock, come rain or shine and there is little point in going into detail concerning their various forms. That has been done well and not so well elsewhere, but the telluric forces deserve some special attention as they are more readily accessible to our physical faculties.

Not necessarily in order, there are geological fault lines, movements to the continental tectonic plates, in the outer shell or crust of our planet, which also affect the earth’s energy field. As the plates move apart, slide past each other or move together, there is a great crushing, buckling or heaping up of material which results in discontinuities such as faults, thrusts, fractures and fissures not obvious at the surface but buried deeply below. These movements create more energy all the time and are especially large when earthquakes occur. These faults also occur on a smaller base due to geological ‘creep’ as all matter including rocks are in a constant state of movement. They can measure from a few yards to several miles long. Mounting pressure within these faults can (does) affect the electrical field of mineral deposits especially quartz bearing rocks (piezoelectricity) and ironstone, some will produce their own energy particularities especially at sites where they form an outlet for radon gas and other high particle energy. The impact of natural piezoelectrical influences can also cause chronic health problems as was seen in the outbreaks of myalgic encephalomyelitis in Iceland, due to the volcanic pressures in that island and in Los Angeles due to the pressure on the tectonic plates. The pathways of these energies are readily deflected and run through nearly all materials and can add to the geopathic stress of a building.

Underground streams are made up of water which flows through any underground passage, fracture or fissure. As it does so, it produces its own electromagnetic field often high into microwave frequency. This field will fluctuate depending on what is dissolved in the water, sewage, graveyard or dumping ground sediment, fertilizers and insecticides, how fast it is flowing or whether it is interacting with any other type of earth energy. Interference with the earth’s natural energy field is particularly marked by the flow of these underground streams particularly when two watercourses or other types of energy line cross. In a league table of radiation associated with biological damage, the outside line of a subterranean water course would be at the very top.

These are the natural but evolving entities that we are dealing with, albeit with little real understanding and regrettably, with a widespread lack of concern, as they stream into our environment that is already cluttered by vibrations emanating from power grids, electrical circuits, computers, mobile phones, faxes, amplified by metallic structures and furniture, all of which play havoc with our vibrational balance. There stands the individual human being struggling in their midst with very little help coming from the cosmic energy that could balance the whole, if we were in an ideal setting.

So basically, these energies create vibrations which over time inexorably weaken the human metabolism.

A really worrying problem is that no matter what treatment a patient receives, whether allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, TCM or naturopathic, the organism is, at a certain stage, incapable of assimilating the beneficial effects of medication due to the adverse vibration that has built up.

The individual’s sensitivity to vibration varies hugely which might explain one person’s complete insensitivity compared with another’s immediate allergy, but the risks also depend on the intensity of the energy field, the exposure time and the time of day (greater or lesser intensity).

No matter how hard modern man may try to avoid creating danger for humanity, the current situation is troubling and is getting worse because of our unawareness and refusal to face facts. It was thanks to Hiroshima and Chernobyl that we know of certain problems caused by nuclear irradiation, but there is no rumour of halting nuclear-generated electricity, let alone sorting out the Fukushima mess. We now have an inkling of the damage microwave technology represents, do we hear about switching off our mobile phones? So, all we can do is to try and avoid the fallout.

What can we actually do?

There are a number of solutions but it much depends on the type of energy coming from the ground. If you want help, and it is frequently for a very modest charge (50 euros or so), then please contact me and I’ll see if it is possible to alleviate the problem, th******@gm***.com

© Christopher Freeland, 2019